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Orbital Trading

Orbital Trading offers training that is distinguished by the sharp relevance of its approach which combines both theory and practice into an indivisible whole; develop according to a well-established plan, fixed rules and a solid management methodology and through intensive supervised practice. They provide the resources necessary to enable anyone, with or without experience in the field, to understand the markets to benefit from them, in order to develop a community of traders and become the benchmark for training in Quebec.


Until this day, we and Orbital Trading are still working together. Dated from five years ago when we constructed their business cards and branding image, Orbital Trading has since entrusted us with multiple web development and marketing jobs. Not only were we in charge of filming, editing, and producing their promotional video on-site, we also covered their advertisements in various areas and social media platforms such as Google ads, Facebook, and Instagram. From hosting their website to breaking down the essentials of their funnel campaigns, we’ve done it all.



Orbital Trading


Video Direction & Production

Campaign Management and Google Ads