Although overlooked, Pinterest currently boasts almost 500 million active users, 75% of whom are women and 55% of whom use it for purchases. In web marketing terms, this represents huge potential for sales and customer acquisition.

At Oshara, we understand the importance of a strong and effective online presence. That’s why we offer you a tailor-made advertising strategy on Pinterest, one of the most influential and visual platforms on the market.


There are many reasons why Pinterest is a goldmine for businesses, especially in industries where visuals are of prime importance. These include:

A highly engaged audience: with over 450 million active users, Pinterest is a goldmine for brands looking to inspire and engage.

Usage strongly influenced by purchase intent: Pinterest users are 3 times more likely to have purchase intent than on other platforms. This makes conversion easier than on most platforms.

Precise targeting: thanks to advanced targeting tools, we can reach specific users based on their interests, buying behavior and searches. This gives you easier access to your target market.



+10 years

experience. For over a decade, Oshara has been at the forefront of website development, technology applications and digital marketing.


projects. We have deployed thousands of websites, online stores and Web applications for companies and institutions in Canada and around the world.


marketing campaigns. Thanks to successful campaigns in SEO, Google Ads and Facebook, we have established ourselves as a leader in online advertising solutions.


of revenue generated. Our solutions have generated millions of dollars in revenue for our customers, giving them an exponential return on their investment.



At our agency Oshara, we recognize that, every customer, every project is unique. As a result, we create advertising campaigns that reflect your brand and speak directly to your target audience.


Pinterest is also one of the networks dedicated entirely to the visual. Here, we’re talking about pins. So our experts design attractive, memorable pins that capture attention and encourage interaction. This is designed in line with your branding, as well as your advertising objectives.


Whatever your expectations, the Pinterest Ads experts at Oshara design campaigns to maximize your ROI. And for even greater efficiency, we analyze the performance of your ads to optimize them and maximize your ROI.

Our 4-step process for creating Pinterest Ads

We use a proven 4-step process that we tailor to each of our customers’ objectives:

Setting up Goals

Start by setting up by defining your advertising goals, such as increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or boosting sales. This ensures your campaign is aligned with your business objectives and metrics for success are established.

Targeting Audiences

Use Pinterest's targeting options to reach your ideal audience based on demographics, interests, and search keywords. This helps ensure your ads are shown to users who are most likely to engage with your content and convert.

Designing content

Design visually appealing and compelling Pins that resonate with your target audience. Use high-quality images, clear branding, and strong call-to-actions to capture attention and drive engagement.

Monitoring and Optimization

Track the performance of your ads using Pinterest Analytics to measure metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions. Use this data to optimize your campaigns by adjusting targeting, refining creatives, and tweaking your budget to improve results.


We are aware of the importance of the budget for any company, no matter its size. However, just like our services, our rates are tailored to meet a specific need you have. No matter what your project is and if we have the capacity to do it, we will always offer you an advantageous and flexible pricing. And if that’s not enough for you, we will offer you an additional 10% discount on the lowest estimate you will get on the market. Finally, depending on your budget, we can also offer you a solution that will allow you to realize your project, by clearly defining with you the priorities for the deployment of the project.

For the elaboration and validation of deliverables, we will use the “Agile” method. The “Agile” method recommended here is the best and the most adapted for the realization of your web project. It is a method that we use a lot because it allows you to be involved in the development process from the beginning to the end of the project. With this method, the efforts of our teams are concentrated on small blocks of tasks and allow us to quickly modify the direction of the project according to the evolution of your needs.

In order to guarantee our clients quality deliverables, we have developed process-based methods aimed at prevention rather than cure.

Therefore, our quality assurance process starts at the beginning of the project, is applied at all stages of the project to ensure:

  • Functional and visual quality of deliverables
  • The satisfaction of the client
  • The important feeling of duty and mission accomplished