Google Analytics Optimization

Improve your performance with Google Analytics optimization

Google Analytics Optimization of your website will help you to:

  • Set up the right data and conversions to be collected
  • Set up different marketing goals and targets
  • A/B testing on different pages, content and features
  • Monitoring performance and optimization

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Optimize your analytics to track success

Google Analytics Optimization helps you to gather the right data from Google Analytics to be able to improve the performance of your webiste. It means setting up Google Analytics to gather relevant data about your users behavior, traffic sources, and conversions. This data serves as a foundation for understanding how visitors interact with the site and where improvements can be made.

Then in-depth analysis of the collected data is crucial for identifying patterns, trends, and areas for optimization. This includes tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as bounce rates, session durations, and conversion rates to gauge the effectiveness of the website. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, your business can prioritize efforts to maximize impact.

At last we optimize our strategy based on the data we got. This may involve A/B testing different website elements, refining content and user experiences, and making informed decisions to improve overall performance. Through continuous monitoring, testing, and refinement, Google Analytics Optimization enables businesses to make data-driven decisions that enhance user experience, increase engagement, and drive meaningful results.

What to Expect from Google Analytics Optimization?

Google Analytics Optimization will help you improve your website in many ways:


Targeted Data Collection

Targeted data collection in Google Analytics involves strategically configuring tracking parameters to gather specific information relevant to business objectives. By focusing on key metrics aligned with goals, businesses can ensure they capture actionable data to drive informed decision-making and optimize their online performance effectively.

Setting objective goals and targets

Setting objective goals and targets in Google Analytics involves defining specific, measurable outcomes aligned with business objectives. By establishing clear benchmarks for metrics such as conversion rates or user engagement, businesses can track progress, identify areas for improvement, and ensure efforts are directed towards achieving meaningful results.


A/B testing of different content

A/B testing, also known as split testing, involves comparing two versions of a webpage, email, or ad to determine which performs better in achieving a specific goal. By randomly presenting variations to users and analyzing results, businesses can make data-driven decisions to optimize content, design, and functionality for improved performance.

Optimization of marketing strategies

Optimization of marketing strategies with Google Analytics entails analyzing campaign performance data to refine targeting, messaging, and channel allocation. By identifying successful tactics and reallocating resources accordingly, businesses can maximize ROI, improve audience engagement, and ensure marketing efforts align with overarching goals and objectives.

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When you’re looking for a tech service provider, you’d like to feel confident that you’re working with a team of experts who know what they’re talking about and stand out in the field. Well, that team is WE the Oshara Clan.

Our transparent and collaborative approach ensures that you are involved in every step of the process and that we adhere to industry standards and norms.

We will take your business to new heights by:

  • Improving your productivity through technology
  • Increasing your sales through digital marketing
  • Transforming your business with your vision and our passion

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Frequently asked questions

How much do your services cost?

We are aware of the importance of the budget for any company, no matter its size. However, just like our services, our rates are tailored to meet a specific need you have. No matter what your project is and if we have the capacity to do it, we will always offer you an advantageous and flexible pricing. And if that’s not enough for you, we will offer you an additional 10% discount on the lowest estimate you will get on the market. Finally, depending on your budget, we can also offer you a solution that will allow you to realize your project, by clearly defining with you the priorities for the deployment of the project.

What is your methodology?

For the elaboration and validation of deliverables, we will use the “Agile” method. The “Agile” method recommended here is the best and the most adapted for the realization of your web project. It is a method that we use a lot because it allows you to be involved in the development process from the beginning to the end of the project. With this method, the efforts of our teams are concentrated on small blocks of tasks and allow us to quickly modify the direction of the project according to the evolution of your needs.

Tell us about your quality assurance process?

In order to guarantee our clients quality deliverables, we have developed process-based methods aimed at prevention rather than cure.

Therefore, our quality assurance process starts at the beginning of the project, is applied at all stages of the project to ensure:

  • Functional and visual quality of deliverables
  • The satisfaction of the client
  • The important feeling of duty and mission accomplished

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