Paillettes INC


Paillettes Inc. is a Quebec-based company founded for women who want to create the life of their dreams with coaching, entrepreneurial networking and access to a community of women in business.
To promote the launch of their seventh coaching round defined under the banner “Défricher le Grandiose”, Melissa Normandin Roberge, founder of Paillettes Inc, asked us to think of the ideal marketing solution.

Paillettes Inc


The main objective was to create advertising campaigns capable of attracting new clients for the seventh coaching round of Paillettes Inc. with a well-defined financial objective over one and a half month promotional period.

In addition to the profitability objectives, the company also wanted to build brand awareness and bring new people into the community.

The Solution

To achieve Paillettes Inc’s objectives, we conducted a detailed market and competition analysis. We then developed an advertising strategy that consisted of creating targeted advertising campaigns on Google search engines and social networks (Facebook and Instagram) with Facebook Ads and Google Ads. The creation and management of these advertising campaigns included certain elements such as the following:

Defining the target audience

Our campaigns were designed to reach women entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their business, maximize their potential and enjoy a rewarding business network.

Choice of advertising platforms

With a strong presence on Facebook and Instagram for Paillettes Inc and Melissa Normandin Roberge (over 80k followers) the choice of Facebook Ads and Google Ads platforms was relatively the most optimal.

Content creation (visuals and texts)

With our partner Snabb, the content of each ad campaign was designed to highlight past achievements and successes, testimonials from current members and the benefits of coaching for women entrepreneurs who are part of this community.


After just under two months of targeted online advertising and a successful launch, we have measured the success of the Paillettes Inc. advertising campaign.

Indeed, with a budget of 40% less than the previous year, we were able to generate an increase of :

  • More than 150% increase in leads compared to last year
  • More than 500 new followers on the different social network pages
  • Over 300% more visits to the website
  • More than 220% more likes and shares of resources published on social networks
  • A turnover exceeding the bar initially set

Online advertising was also a success, with a high conversion rate on Google Ads. Social media effectively reached the target audience, with widely shared posts and positive comments.

In conclusion, Paillettes Inc’s advertising campaign succeeded in reaching their goal by attracting new clients for their seventh coaching cohort in addition to building brand awareness.