WooCommerce website development



Our customer specializes in drinking water purification and revitalization solutions. Their expertise in this field enables them to offer a diverse range of products, such as water purifiers, electric water ionizers, alkalizing filters, vortex water revitalizers, and many others.


In a world where health and well-being are major concerns for many people, Produits Aqua Santé has positioned itself as a leader in the field of drinking water purification and revitalization solutions. Building on their expertise and commitment to quality, they have decided to create an online store to make their products even more accessible to a wide audience.


Here’s an overview of what we’ve done for our client in terms of E-commerce development:

  • We set up an online store using WooCommerce, a platform renowned for its flexibility and advanced e-commerce features.
  • We also provided expert support for Drupal Commerce, a robust solution for creating complex, customized e-commerce sites.
  • In addition, we provided technical support for PrestaShop, a popular E-commerce platform appreciated for its ease of use and rich functionality.
  • Finally, we successfully integrated Zoho into their system, enabling efficient centralized management of business activities, from inventory management to customer relations.


Our achievements are reflected in concrete figures, testifying to our commitment to providing complete, customized E-commerce solutions. After integrating WooCommerce, we saw a 30% increase in monthly traffic to our customer’s site. This generated a 25% increase in sales in the first three months. In addition, the conversion rate from visitor to customer increased by 20%, while the cart abandonment rate fell by 15%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our work in optimizing their online business.

The launch of the E-commerce site was a success, with a functional and aesthetically appealing store. These results reflect our commitment to excellence and our ability to meet our customers’ high expectations. Thanks to our expertise in WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce, PrestaShop and Zoho integration, our customer now benefits from a complete and efficient platform to successfully develop their online business.