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12 jours d’actions contre les violences faites aux femmes

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The annual 12 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence campaign is an opportunity to collectively reflect on the phenomenon of the different types of violence that affect women and to present concrete solutions to curb this scourge.



Launching their platform representative of the fight and a cry against the discriminations of which women and gender are victims, such was the objective of this project initiated by the Federation of Women of Quebec.

The Federation of Women of Quebec (FFQ) in its mission to ensure the development of full autonomy of women has launched the initiative of “12 days of action against violence against women” to highlight the scourge of which women are victims in society.

A campaign that returns every year and during which the population can participate in several types of activities organized by non-profit organizations throughout the province.


We have therefore created a web application that offers FFQ’s partner organizations the autonomy to create their activities and submit them to be posted directly on the public website according to specific criteria.

Developed features

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the application’s features.


For several years, we are proud to participate effectively in this project and the various impacts that this platform has on the movement.