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Ford Canada family fun hub Logo


Ford Motor Company (FMC) is an American automobile manufacturer. Today, the company is established on all continents and in many countries including Canada. We have collaborated with Ford Montreal.

The company sells its products, mainly cars and trucks, all over the world in order to fill the need for travel and to offer a wide and varied range of products for its customers.

Ford Canada family fun hub


The Ford Group wanted to add a memory game to their WordPress site dedicated to family games.


We have developed a WordPress module (plugin) which is a game on the Family Fun Hub platform for Ford Canada.

The goal of the game is to test the memory of the player where he has to find pairs of matching images as fast as possible. This game aims to develop visual memory and reactivity.

To stay in the theme, the images are composed of different Ford models to give visitors the opportunity to discover its ranges, while keeping its subject of the moment: Mother’s Day, with images referring to it. The Ford brand image is also the family spirit.

Developed features

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the game’s features.


We are pleased to have been able to implement a web solution into the existing solution used by the client