SDC Les Quartiers du Canal

Marketing Analysis and Strategy



The SDC – Les Quartiers du Canal is a non-profit organization (NPO) whose mission is to improve the daily business life of its members, to promote the Quartiers du Canal and its commercial offer by promoting this gourmet, design and cultural destination par excellence in Montreal.

SDC Quartiers du Canal


Spread over two (2) phases, our mandate was to help the Société de Développement Commerciale (SDC du Quartier du Canal) to conduct an analysis of the situation and the event potential of existing spaces on its territory.

We then had to write a report and graphically design a portfolio document that would be used as a marketing tool to present the potential of its territory as an event destination to event organizers.

The solution

Together with our team and a few outside partners, we delivered a comprehensive analysis report highlighting the area’s event potential. This report, based on field research, surveys, and a thorough understanding of the city’s regulations, provided a clearer understanding of the benefits of the Quartiers du Canal as an event destination as well as the weaknesses that the entity could improve.

For the second part of the project, our design team was able to custom design, rich, unique and visually present each space in the area according to their event attributes such as: