Web App Development for Event Managment

Gestion d’évènements MHN



“Black History Month” is a non-profit organization created to promote activities related to various aspects of the history of Black communities in a spirit that emphasizes historical and contemporary dimensions.



The Black communities of Montreal and Canada were historically less represented in the mainstream media. Nevertheless, they have an entire month dedicated to them. This month is known as “Black History Month”. It is an unprecedented opportunity to focus on this community, to present to the world the impact of the actions of Black organizations and businesses on Quebec society and the Canadian ecosystem.

This is done through multiple and varied thematic activities. Black History Month is now a mythical and important month where the spotlight is on a community that has long been marginalized.

The organization needed a web platform to manage the submission of events before, during and after the broadcast on their public website.


We have developed a custom web application that allows organizations or individuals to create their own events that they can submit in a few clicks to the platform’s administrators for approval and distribution to the public.

Visitors to the website will then be able to consult and register for events that interest them throughout Black History Month.

This web application also allows Black History Month to be able to completely manage the events.

Developed features

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the application’s features.


For several years, we are proud to participate effectively in this project and the various impacts that this platform has on the movement.