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GK Placement Recruitment particularly excels in the area of manufacturing recruitment, where its expertise lies in connecting companies with highly qualified candidates.


Recrutement GK was struggling to generate enough appointments with potential customers to support its growth. They needed an improved online presence and an effective marketing strategy to establish new business relationships with potential customers.


The Placement agency chose to entrust us with several crucial aspects of their digital strategy. This included the creation of their website, where we worked on design, development and optimization to deliver an exceptional user experience. In addition, we took charge of the planning and execution of various marketing projects, focusing on innovative strategies to promote their services and expertise in manufacturing recruitment.

At the same time, we led the launch of targeted advertising campaigns, including on platforms such as Google Ads for optimal impact in online searches, as well as LinkedIn Ads to reach relevant professionals and companies in their sector. Our aim was to maximize their online visibility, attract qualified traffic to their website and generate valuable leads for their specialist recruitment business.


Thanks to our strategic approach, the Recruitment GK agency has seen a significant increase in its online visibility and lead volume, with very positive points such as:

  • 30% increase in traffic to the Recrutement GK website thanks to our collaboration.
  • More than 100% increase in new qualified customer appointments in three months.
  • Advertising campaigns generated a return on investment of over 200%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategies.