Website Development and API Integration

Grand Prix Du Conseil Des Arts De Montreal

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Founded in 1956, the Conseil des arts de Montréal identifies, accompanies, supports and recognizes excellence in professional artistic creation, production and presentation.

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The Conseil des Arts de Montréal is an organization that supports artists and cultural events in the city of Montreal. The organization decided to launch a website and event management application to promote the “Conseil des Arts Grand Prix” event, so they called on us to ensure the success of the project.

The website had to clearly present the event’s outline and messages to the target audience in order to engage them to take certain actions on the platform. In parallel to the creation of the website, we also had to develop a voting application with an administrator interface.

The Solution

To achieve their goal, in partnership with Harrison Fun and the Montreal Arts Council, we developed a multi-phase web development strategy, which included the following elements:

Needs Assessment

Before beginning the development of the application website, with Harrison Fun, we conducted a needs assessment to determine the design expectations of the website. Then, the same exercise was done to define the functional modules needed for the web application based on this industry and the needs of the client.

Web Development

Based on the results of the needs assessment, we launched the creation of the website and the web application. The application was developed using an agile approach, with regular releases presented to stakeholders to ensure that the functionality was in line with requirements and met user needs.

Testing and Feedback

Before launching the application, with the Montreal Arts Council, we conducted a series of tests to ensure that the website and application were functional and easy to use. Test users were also invited to use the platform and application to provide feedback on its functionality and ease of use. The feedback was used to make improvements to the application.

Launch and Analysis

Once the app was finalized, the Montreal Arts Council held a press conference to introduce the platform and launch to promote the event to the community and general public. A campaign tracking was done to evaluate the performance of the different acquisition channels.

Developed features

Some of the features developed included the following:

Through a rigorous process following the agile method, we have created in web application and website a platform that provides users, administrators and participants of the event some of the following elements:


The creation of the Montreal Arts Council’s “Grand Prix” website and the development of its web-based event management application has been a great success. Organizers of cultural events were able to use it to plan, promote and manage their events efficiently, while reaching a wider audience.

Visitors and the target audience were able to participate in the event interactively for different activities including the “Public Vote”.

This new website also increased the visibility of cultural events in Montreal and encouraged public participation.