web & app development

TSD telecom


Our customer is a Canadian start-up offering a fast and secure solution for sending phone top-ups and paying electricity bills in Africa. With a service covering more than 130 operators in 44 countries.


The ambition was to create an interactive, user-friendly digital platform enabling these families separated by distance to stay in touch, share important moments, and strengthen their ties despite the geographical distance.


We began in-depth discussions with the customer to understand their content and design requirements, so that together we could define the final structure of the site. After developing and validating the website design, we set about creating the web applications, both for end-users and resellers. This involved an iterative process of design, testing and fine-tuning to ensure an optimal user experience and meet customer expectations.


The website and applications have been successfully created and are now fully operational. We provide ongoing support to the customer, actively accompanying them to resolve any technical issues that may arise. This proactive assistance ensures that customers enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted experience, reinforcing our commitment to their satisfaction and the performance of their digital platforms.