Video Editing and Production

Mural Place Iona Monahan

Sdc distict central


The SDC District Central is the catalyst and voice of the Ahuntsic-Cartierville business community, representing some 1800 businesses.



On launch the mural “Place Iona Monahan”, the SDC District Central, wished to make a video illustrating the before and after of the multidisciplinary artist ‘Jacques Lebleu’, resident of Ahuntsic and very active citizen who realized this work.

To learn more about the history of this large mural to pay tribute to the journalist who bears his name, take a look at this article from the Journal Metro.


We faithfully rendered the before and after with our team.

  1. Realization : Oshara Inc
  2. Photos : David Kidd
  3. Drone : Oshara Inc
  4. Camera : Oshara Inc
  5. Editing : Oshara Inc