Custom Web App Development for 50k users

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Mathematica Centrum is a mathematics competition center that prepares some of the best mathematics competitions in North America.

Since 1990, over 1,000,000 students in Canada and the United States have participated in their annual competitions.

Mathematica centrum


In a context of COVID-19 crisis and a constant desire to use technology to achieve its goals, the Mathematica Centrum asked us to develop for them a web application that would allow their students to train and take their exams online. The web application was also to help the teachers to manage the participation in the different competitions themselves.


We were able to design and build an extremely stable web application that has already supported more than 15,000 simultaneous participations (thanks to the Load Balancer technology) and more than 50,000 total participations.

Developed features

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the features of the Mathematica web application


We are pleased to have been able to create a web-based solution and administrator interface that now allows the Mathematica Center to easily manage its users, schools, exams, and teachers while being able to analyze their competition results.