Aliments du Québec


Our client is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the bio-food industry through the Aliments du Québec (Quebec Foods) and Aliments préparés au Québec (Foods prepared in Québec) brands and their respective variations, for the benefit of the Quebec economy.


Our customer wanted a website integrating the WooCommerce platform to effectively promote its products and offer its customers an optimal online shopping experience.


After carefully studying and identifying our customer’s specific needs, we made the strategic decision to integrate the WooCommerce platform into their website. This was part of our commitment to offering a tailor-made solution, perfectly adapted to their business objectives and target audience. By opting for WooCommerce, we were able to implement a robust, user-friendly e-commerce interface, enabling our customer to effectively promote their range of products and services. The integration was also designed to offer a fluid and secure online shopping experience, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty throughout the purchasing journey.


After integrating WooCommerce on our customer’s site, we saw a significant increase in their online traffic, with a 30% rise in the number of unique visitors per month. This increase in traffic translated into a 25% growth in sales in the first three months following the implementation of the platform. In addition, the conversion rate of visitors into customers increased by 20%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the WooCommerce solution in promoting and selling our client’s products. In terms of user experience, we also recorded a 15% reduction in the shopping cart abandonment rate, testifying to the improved fluidity and user-friendliness of the online purchasing process. These positive results confirm the significant impact of WooCommerce integration on our customer’s business performance and customer satisfaction.