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"L'Est Innove" project is an initiative of Mobilisons Montréal in partnership with the City of Montreal and the Metropolitan Region Secretariat.

"L'Est Innove" is a web application that consists of a campaign of ideas and projects with the socio-economic actors (citizens, private companies and social economy, community organizations) of the 6 boroughs of Eastern Montreal to create projects that improves the quality of life in communities.

  • Need a branding for application
  • Need a operational web application
  • Need to secure the tool
  • Need to make the application responsive
  • Need ofsolutions to properlypositionthe product


"L'Est Innove", being an innovation competition is a project on which we have deployed some exclusive resources of our intelligence.
As a partner we worked very closely with Mobilisons Montreal's communication cell on the branding in order to design all the following:
  • A complete visual identity (logo, graphic charter, stationery, business card, etc.)
  • Banners and advertising posters (traditional and digital)
  • Flyers - Media Wall
  • Roll-up and much more.
We also designed and developed the web application that is currently used by millions of users.
To ensure this successes, we actively participated in the planning organization of the launch event by putting our local marketing experts at the disposal of group.
This has resulted in a substantial increase in citizen engagement and partnerships.
We are still working with the group on the next steps of the projects which will soon be revealed.

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