Black month history  

“Mois de l’Histoire des Noirs”is a non-profit organization created to promote activities related to the various aspects of the history of black communities in a spirit that emphasizes both historical and contemporary dimensions.


Our role was to redesign the organization's website to make it a multifaceted social interface. Not only was the goal to give the website a new look, but also to add several new features customized to their expectations. 


Thanks to our team of custom web programming experts, we were able to create a site customized to our client's innovative and unique requirements. The interface is now capable of hosting thousands of different contents while remaining clear and easy to use for everyone. The new site design we created showcases the full potential of the social network. We were able to bring our client's ideas to life and create a site that represents them and is more attractive to new users.

We developed an event submission tool. This application allows :

  1. Guests to submit their events.
  2. Managers to moderate and manage the details of the event.

This application is connected to the organization's website in order to allow the management of publications on the website from this application. Several programming languages were used to create this web solution. 

Black history month



Black Month History


Website Creation