7 Types of Effective Facebook Ads for Your Business
Created July 4, 2022
Updated March 11, 2024
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7 Types of Effective Facebook Ads for Your Business

Nowadays, social media has become a real battleground for brands wanting to stand out and reach their target audience. 

Among these platforms, Facebook positions itself as the undisputed giant, offering advertisers fertile ground to broadcast their messages and reach millions of users around the world.

In this vast sea of information and content, how can businesses navigate their way to the attention of their consumers? Discover how Facebook ads stand out, with their ability to captivate, intrigue and influence. How to advertise on Facebook effectively?

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of Facebook ads, and how each format can be used strategically to maximize impact and achieve set marketing goals.

Publicity is an opportunity.

Facebook Image Ads Facebook ad example image

Example of Facebook Image Ad
Example of Facebook Image Ad

Facebook Image ads captivate attention in the blink of an eye and transport viewers to unknown horizons, arousing curiosity and wonder.

Through this type of Facebook advertising campaign, a simple image can tell a story, evoke deep emotions or awaken a burning desire to take action. 

Facebook image ads are canvases where brands can express their essence, message and identity in a visual way, creating an instant connection with their audience.

Whether it’s a beautiful natural scene, an attractive product, a stunning product or simply a dream destination, a Facebook Ads campaign is a powerful way to spark the imagination, captivate the attention from Facebook users and inspire action.

However, since a picture is worth a thousand words, an effective Facebook Image campaign requires careful planning. 

The choice of image, visual composition, colors, graphic elements and the message it conveys must be carefully considered to create maximum impact.

To achieve the best Facebook ad results, it’s essential to use Facebook’s dynamic ad targeting capabilities, ensuring your photo ads appear precisely where they’ll have the greatest impact on your target audience.

Facebook Videos Ads 

Video ads on Facebook are extremely relevant because video is an attractive and engaging format that captures users’ attention. 

When a video starts in the news feed, it visually stands out and sparks curiosity, making a user stop and watch.

In addition, video ads allow you to convey richer and more complex messages. In Facebook Ads Manager, compared to text ads or static images, video offers the ability to tell stories, show products in action, express emotions, and create a more immersive experience. This allows advertisers to deliver their message more effectively and memorably.

With fine-grained audience targeting options, Facebook Ads allows advertisers to serve video ads to a specific audience based on demographics, interest, behaviors and locations. 

This ensures that the best-performing videos are shown to people who are most likely to be interested in the content and take a desired action.

Facebook Ads also offers various video ad formats, such as in-stream ads, stories ads, and video post ads to give advertisers flexibility in choosing the format that best suits their goals.

Facebook Surveys

Example of Facebook Survery Ad
Example of Facebook Survey Ad

Survey ads on Facebook allow advertisers to collect valuable information directly from their target audience.

The relevance of this type of announcement lies in several aspects. First, they provide advertisers with a valuable opportunity to gather accurate information and feedback about their target audience.

By asking targeted questions, advertisers can gain useful demographics, preferences, opinions and insights that can then be used to refine their marketing strategies and improve their products or services.

In summary, with a well-defined campaign objective, this type of ad will allow you to collect valuable data, engage users interactively, get instant feedback and generate behavioral insights. 

They are a powerful tool for improving audience knowledge, strengthening audience engagement and optimizing your marketing strategies.

Surveyed Facebook ads found that they could significantly increase brand awareness.

Facebook Carousel Ad
Facebook Carousel Ad

Multi-product ads on Facebook or carousel advertising are advertising formats that allow advertisers to present several products in a single ad. 

These ads provide an interactive and personalized experience to users by showing them a selection of relevant products from your Facebook page based on their interests, behavior and preferences.

Doing multi-product advertising can include images, titles, descriptions and calls to action for each product featured, giving users a convenient and engaging overview. 

They allow advertisers to maximize their visibility, generate interest in a range of products and increase the chances of conversion. 

Through Facebook’s advanced targeting and use of the Facebook pixel, cross-product ads can be tailored to each user, providing a personalized and effective advertising experience.

With this ad format, Facebook provides advertisers with options to meet different user needs and preferences. Cross-product ads are customizable based on user interests and behavior, allowing relevant products to be presented to each individual. 

They can also be dynamic advertisements used to promote special offers, new products or complementary products, thus increasing the chances of conversion and sales.

Facebook Local Ads 

Facebook Local Ad
Facebook Local Ad

In a world where virtual connections transcend borders, it’s sometimes easy to forget the importance of local things. 

However, social media giant Facebook recognizes the power of local communities and offers businesses a unique opportunity to connect with their local audience through local Facebook ads.

This type of Facebook ad therefore only works if you have a physical store to which you tend to redirect buyers.

Local ads on Facebook are a powerful tool for businesses that want to reach a specific audience in a specific geographic region. 

Whether you are a small neighborhood store, a family restaurant or a local service provider, these ads allow you to present yourself in a targeted and relevant way to those who live and work in your neighborhood.

Imagine you own a coffee shop in the heart of your city. With local Facebook ads, you can promote your daily deals, invite locals to a local coffee tasting event, or simply let this community know that your coffee shop is a warm and welcoming place to gather.

With Facebook’s advanced geotargeting features, you can choose to only show your ads within a specific radius around your business. 

You can even further refine your audience based on criteria such as age, gender, interests and behaviors, to ensure your ads reach the people most likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Local ads on Facebook are more than just business promotion. They strengthen the social fabric of a community by encouraging local interactions, supporting local businesses and creating a sense of belonging.

Facebook Events Ads

Facebook event ads are a powerful tool for promoting and generating buzz around specific events.

Whether for a concert, a conference, a trade show or any other type of event, these advertisements allow organizers to reach a wide audience and generate user interest.

With Facebook event ads, organizers can showcase event details, such as date, time, location, and relevant information. 

They can also include images or videos to give a visual overview of what to expect for participants. This helps build anticipation and grab users’ attention, enticing them to learn more and register for the event.

Imagine you are the organizer of an incredible music festival. Facebook event ads are your golden ticket to attracting enthusiastic crowds. 

You can create captivating ads that highlight the artists who will be performing, reveal event highlights, and encourage people to book their tickets now.

Here are some tips for the success of your Facebook event ads:

  • Provide event details
  • Indicate the price
  • Indicate the dates of the event
  • Put a clear CTA for ticket purchase
  • Indicate the location of the event
  • Create a sense of urgency: Use visuals and keywords that communicate the idea of a limited time offer or exclusivity. For example, “Limited places, book now!” or “Special offer for first registrants”. This will encourage users to act quickly rather than procrastinating.
  • Use testimonials and feedback from your past events.

By applying these tips, you will increase your chances of success in creating these types of ads that are compelling, engaging and uplifting for your target audience. Good luck promoting your event!

Facebook Messenger Ads 

Facebook Messenger Ad
Facebook Messenger Ad

Messenger ads on Facebook offer a unique approach to interacting with users in a personalized and direct way. 

These ads allow advertisers to communicate with users through Facebook’s popular messaging platform, providing an interactive and conversational experience.

The key advantage in an ad on Facebook Messenger lies in the format of your ad and its ability to generate conversations with users. 

Advertisers can use these ads to start personalized chats, send automated messages, or provide quick answers to user questions. This creates deeper engagement and a more interactive experience between the brand and users.

Let’s say you’re an online clothing retailer and you want to promote an exclusive sale to your loyal customers via Facebook Messenger advertising. 

Creating a Facebook Messenger ad with a personalized experience for your current customers will allow you to generate engagement and increase the chances of conversion by encouraging old and new potential customers to take advantage of the exclusive offer.

When devising your Facebook advertising campaign, consider using the lesser known different ad types like slideshow ads, collection ads, and lead ads across various placements, including Facebook Stories, to maximize your reach and engagement with your target audience


In conclusion, each type of Facebook ad created in the “Facebook business manager” offers valuable opportunities to promote your brand, attract user attention and boost conversions. 

Each type of advertising has its own benefits and strategies, depending on your specific marketing goals.

By using these different forms of Facebook ads effectively, you can increase your visibility, engage your audience, drive conversions and strengthen your brand presence on the platform. 

Be creative, strategic and attentive to feedback from your audience to continue to improve and refine your Facebook advertising campaigns.

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