Created August 14, 2021
Updated March 11, 2024
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The Power of Video

We know that in recent years, an image speaks louder than words. We see this with advertising, whether it’s on TV, in newspapers, on billboards, or even on internet banners. Few ads rely solely on textual content. Starting from the premise that an image speaks better than words, it’s logical to assume that video speaks even more effectively than images. And that’s a reality.

On the internet, players in advertising have understood this well. We are frequently bombarded with videos online, whether it’s for educational, entertaining, or advertising content. This explains the extreme popularity of the social network YouTube. 

Facebook also recognized the importance of video. A few years ago, Mark Zuckerberg announced that video would become the number one future media. Today, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) has launched its own video platform in a manner similar to YouTube: IGTV (Instagram TV).

Over the generations, new video tools or services have been made available to us. While some actors immediately embraced this medium, others have not yet fully grasped the significance of video. If that’s the case, this article is for you, as it will discuss the power of video in today’s and tomorrow’s web marketing strategies.

The Power of Video in Numbers

Video has become the essential medium for sharing content and disseminating information about your business or products online. Here are some statistics to illustrate this:

  • 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% of people watch videos daily.
  • You have 2 to 3 times more chances of getting an internet user to watch a video rather than read textual content.
  • Video accounts for over 60% of internet traffic.
  • Spending on video advertising has doubled in two years.
  • Two of the most visited websites in the world feature videos (30.0 billion: Facebook, 25.8 billion: YouTube).
  • The development of telecommunications networks facilitates the dissemination of an increasing number of videos (fiber, 4G).
  • Over 500 million videos are viewed on mobile devices every day worldwide. In France, over 50% of users watch YouTube on their phones.

These impressive statistics reflect the power of this medium in today’s world. Video is now indispensable for standing out and growing your business online.

In practice, beyond the numbers, video can bring a lot to your web marketing strategy. Indeed, video promotes engagement, and it can increase your conversion rate by up to 65%. This is why we see a considerable increase in the presence of videos on our Facebook or Instagram news feeds.

Video is an engaging medium that is easily shared, whether it’s on your social networks, your websites, blogs, or even by your community itself.

What Are the Criteria for a Good Promotional Video?

1- A Good Storytelling

A good video is one that tells a story that captivates the viewer. Whether it’s funny, entertaining, or informative, it should elicit a reaction and be memorable. The goal is to transport your customers and prospects on a journey through your brand through visuals. 

With today’s technology and the tools at our disposal, there are many creative possibilities, from classic video to 360° video, CGI, motion design, aerial photography (and soon underwater) with drones, and more. Being creative with these means, which require less effort than reading to convey a strong message, stimulates the imagination of your listeners. This leads to the next point.

2-Imagination in Service of Emotions

As mentioned earlier, video is a great way to stimulate the imagination, which in turn triggers emotions. It’s at this point that conversion can occur, as emotions can lead to actions such as making a purchase or getting in touch.

Take the example of the trend of “Food Porn.” The principle is similar. Videos on social media platforms like Tasty, Marmiton, and other cooking platforms are becoming increasingly popular. Why? Because these videos make you hungry. Hunger is just another emotion that triggers a reaction. After watching, you might, for example, feel like cooking, buying food, looking up recipes, and more.

3-Emotions in Service of Your Brand Image

A successful video will emotionally connect your customers to your brand or product. This is the essence of advertising. If when a customer experiences an everyday emotion and it instantly makes them think of your brand, then you’ve won.

For example, many advertisers use humor and irony to boost their notoriety and achieve conversions. Indeed, more and more consumers are comfortable when their products have a “soul.” Video allows you to do this because it makes your brand and products more likable, which encourages consumers to buy.

To achieve a high ROI, it’s essential to use video content effectively in your video marketing strategy by creating a compelling testimonial that resonates with your target audience, promoting your product or service through engaging video consumption. A good marketer will make videos that speak to the emotions of the customers and effectively convey the message.

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