5 Effective Ways to Use ChatGPT in your Marketing (2024)
Created January 3, 2024
Updated March 11, 2024
8 min read

5 Effective Ways to Use ChatGPT in your Marketing (2024)

I’m sure that by now you have already heard about ChatGPT, and I’m also pretty sure that you have thought about how to use it in your marketing campaigns.

We at Oshara were thinking the same thing last year in December when we first stumbled upon the AI platform. First we started using it to write us email openers because for some reason you just can’t think of a good opening sentence in an email when you need it the most.

Then we started experimenting with writing different paragraphs with specific keywords, and in some cases we were really amazed at how good the end result was. 

Now, a year later (January 2024), we think that we have enough experience with AI tools under our belt to give you a good overview of what works and what doesn’t. It took us a lot of trial and error, but we think that AI can be used successfully to help businesses with their digital marketing efforts.

Now first let’s go over the pros and the cons of using ChatGPT (or any other AI) for your marketing.


  • Almost instant results
  • Very easy to get another version or correction
  • Great for very specific research
  • Written content can be passed as something taken from Wikipedia


  • Dull tone of writing
  • The results you get are usually copy of someone’s work so it sounds made for that specific topic
  • Repetitive
  • Favors some keywords/facts/point on the account of others

Now you may wonder how do we navigate all of this when using ChatGPT?

We usually use ChatGPT as inspiration and for outlining our content. We also use it when we are researching very specific questions, or look for specific information, and it will take double or even triple the effort and time to find it.

We try to never copy whole paragraphs directly and always try to rewrite at least a certain part of the text so we can make it more interesting and easier to read. We have also noticed that ChatGPT can become very repetitive over time, and usually, it gives back sentence formulations that it has been fed previously, so we always try to break up these sentences into smaller ones and give them more dynamism and put them into context.

Ok, so what are the best uses of ChatGPT for marketing? 

Here are 5 ways to use ChatGPT for marketing effectively:

Writing Titles

ChatGPT is awesome for writing titles, or any headings for that matter. To make your title SEO friendly, you should always add at least your main keyword in the title. 

Where ChatGPT comes in handy is giving you all the variations of the title and different words used that would take a lot of time to think of them yourself.

For example let’s see what titles will ChatGPT suggest with the keywords “ChatGPT and Marketing”:

ChatGPT writing titles

Generating Content Ideas

Content creation can be really tough sometimes, especially the first few sentences and the outline of the whole content piece. And it’s really hard if you aim for quality content.

ChatGPT is great for both of these things, as well as writing full paragraphs and sentences that you can insert when needed to get the desired word count or cover a part that is not so important. ChatGPT can help with other areas of content marketing too, as writing social media posts, product descriptions and writing the AI content in the tone and expectation of your target audience.


ChatGPT writing article outline

This is very important for us as marketers and for business owners alike because we want the generative content that we get from artificial intelligence tools to be able to drive organic traffic and drive conversion rates.

Researching Specific Topics

Researching a highly specific topics and information can be very tedious and takes a lot of time. One of the biggest advantages of ChatGPT is easily accessing information about specific topics because AI already has this information in its memory, so you can ask specific questions and get the right answers in a matter of seconds.

For example if you wanted to find out “what was the fastest run in history?” you will have to type it into Google and then open multiple links. On most of these websites you have different information about 100m runs, 200m runs, marathons and so on. So you will have to sort this information and conclude that you would like to know the information for the 100m run because of course that would be faster than longer races. Then you will have to research this topic again on Google and ask “what was the fastest run in 100 m category” and you will get a load more links that you can look through, and on and on. 

On ChatGPT you can do all of that by just asking the original question “what is the fastest run in history” and in seconds you will get the answer that it was Usain Bolt in 100m category. He ran that distance in 9.58 seconds in 2009 World Championship in Berlin.

ChatGPT answering specific questions

Rewriting Content

We already mentioned rewriting content above, but here we would like to expand our thinking and give you some clear direction.

Many times when you write you get a “writer’s block” an inability to continue and express your thinking in a concise manner. ChatGPT is a huge help here, because it gives you the option to rewrite your content and give you new angle on which you can continue.

In the past writers or content creators used to just leave it like that or go to sleep and come to it tomorrow (which are still great ideas:)), but now you can also use ChatGPT to give you another version or fix your content in the way you like. 

The prompt I used the most is “give me more versions”, followed by “make it more simple”, or “write it shorter”.

And when you get five different versions you kind of get your inspiration again and you can continue writing and use the version you like. This trick works for all kind of writing from titles and headlines to whole paragraphs.

Rewriting content with ChatGPT

Adding Keywords

Adding keywords is the last neatly trick that we want to show you with ChatGPT.

Keywords are very important for SEO and you should always have the most relevant keywords for the topic that you are writing. The problem is that creativity doesn’t always follow SEO keywords, and sometimes your writing will take you in a different direction.

So the question is how do you incorporate the keywords that are left behind? You write a prompt in ChatGPT of course 🙂

This is best done when you have finished writing your piece and you are reding it and you want to add a paragraph of two with your relevant keywords. You go to ChatGPT and write a prompt like “Please write me a paragraph about (your subject) including the following keywords” and you add the keywords one per line. 

Like in this example:

Adding keywords with ChatGPT

Using this trick saves a lot of time and effort, but be careful for the paragraph to look normal and not out of place. If it doesn’t fit then try point 4. Rewriting Content and ask for another version. Tweak your prompt if you need, make it shorter or smaller. Add different other keywords to sway the writing in that direction, and in a few minutes you will have your missing paragraph.

Also, don’t sweat the small stuff, getting results from ChatGPT is like talking with a chatbot, you don’t have to know the perfect prompt to ask ChatGPT because these tools are based on language models and ChatGPT may itself rephrase the question.


Don’t run away from ChatGPT help, because the chance is that it can help your marketing a lot. The old days when we spent hours on our “writer block” are gone. We just need to ask our AI friend and he will rephrase and rewrite anything we throw at him, and give us few ideas along the way. 

ChatGPT is here to help us with our marketing campaigns. So start communicating with it and asking it about different marketing strategies, the outlines you need for your content, specific information you might need. It can save you a lot of time and it’s learning about you the more you use it, so the chance is if you use it a lot it will give you more personalized answers to your style. 

If you need any help with using ChatGPT or anything marketing or software feel free to contact us right away! We run the best web marketing agency in Montreal!