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Created October 13, 2023
Updated March 11, 2024
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Communication agency – all you need to know

A communication agency is a company that plans and coordinates internal and/or external communication on behalf of its clients.

Internal communication aims to unite employees around the company’s objectives. Examples include websites, intranets, corporate wikis, etc.

External communication aims to promote the company’s image to the target audience. Examples include websites, social networks, promotional pamphlets, web advertising, etc.

In this article, we will answer why, how, who, and when to use a communication agency, as well as explore the different types of communication agencies.

Types of Communication Agencies

There are essentially two main types of communication agencies:

  1. Full-Service Communication Agencies or 360° Communication Agencies:

These agencies advise their clients on both internal and external communication. They also handle advertising and direct marketing for the companies they work with.

  1. Specialized Communication Agencies:

Specialized communication agencies focus on more specific areas and advise companies on brand identity, public relations, or search engine optimization (SEO). They typically have one or more areas of expertise.

Here are some examples of specialized communication agencies:

  • Event Management Agency: Organizes and manages public events (trade shows, parties, weddings, etc.).
  • Advertising Agency: Handles advertisers’ strategies for their advertisements (communication campaigns, sales promotions, direct marketing, etc.).
  • Web Agency: Specialized in creating and updating company websites (digital communication, website redesign, web applications, web design, etc.).
  • Media Agency: Works on media planning and other aspects (media buying, budget negotiation, international coordination, etc.).
  • Print Agency: Deals with visual communication on paper (flyers, brochures, business cards, promotional materials, etc.).
  • Press and Public Relations Agency: Facilitates communication between the press and the client (press relations, press releases, etc.).

Activities of Specialized Communication Agencies

The activities of a specialized communication agency can vary depending on its specific focus. Some common activities include:

  • Digital Marketing
Agence de communication : Marketing digital

Digital marketing agencies use various strategies to study and influence consumer needs and behaviors. These techniques can include web marketing, re-marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, permission marketing, and more.

They may also include banner advertising, viral campaigns, email marketing, and campaigns on platforms like Google and Facebook.

  • Web Development

Web agencies specialize in creating and updating websites for businesses. They are experts in web development and graphic design, offering tailored web solutions.

  • Social Media
Médias sociaux

Social media agencies focus on using social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to communicate with customers. They monitor and maintain online relationships with clients and prospects.

  • Branding
Image de marque

Branding agencies typically focus on establishing, maintaining, and preserving a strong brand image for your business in the market. This includes your complete visual identity, such as logos, colors, fonts, usage rules, various brand tags, and more.

  • Shopper Activation
Marketing d'achat ou Shopper activation

Shopper activation agencies provide promotion and marketing strategies to encourage shoppers to buy at retail stores. They often use various in-store media and technologies to create programs throughout the customer’s buying journey.

  • Print Media

Print agencies specialize in producing paper or object-based materials, including pamphlets, brochures, business cards, promotional items, T-shirts, keychains, etc.

  • Direct Marketing
Marketing direct

Direct marketing agencies focus on “direct response” media, which are integrated communication tactics that allow consumers to respond. This may include direct mailings, email marketing, or telemarketing.

  • Public Relations and Press Relations
Relations publiques et relation de presse

These agencies help the public understand your business and products, aiming to create a strong external image for your company. Tactics may include press releases, events, articles, and features in specialized publications.

  • Advertising

Advertising agencies specialize in creating visual or audio advertisements and advising advertisers.

  • Event Planning

Event planning agencies specialize in designing and organizing events for professionals and individuals, such as:

  •  Weddings,
  • Trade shows,
  • Fairs,
  • and premieres…

The Roles of a Communication Agency:

A communication agency assists and advises its clients in promoting their image to the target audience (customers, prospects, partners, suppliers). Its main tasks include:

  • Assisting the client in developing their communication strategy.
  • Enhancing the client’s image and increasing its visibility.
  • Implementing communication actions targeting the intended audience.
  • Offering effective communication mediums and techniques in minimal time.

Why Use a Communication Agency?

To attract a new audience, retain customers, develop relationships between the company and employees, and more, strategic communication consulting is essential!

Using a communication agency allows you to:

  • Benefit from expert advice with a guarantee of results.
  • Enjoy guidance and follow-up for your communication activities.
  • Save time and money.

How to Choose a Communication Agency?

Before selecting a communication agency, it is essential to determine your needs (SEO, print communication, AdWords advertising, communication campaigns, etc.) and create a project brief.

Based on your project brief, you can choose an agency by considering the following factors:


Price is an important criterion but should not be the sole consideration. Opting for the lowest price may lead to ineffective results, resulting in a waste of time and money. The ideal choice is an agency that offers the most relevant solution to your problem.


Depending on your needs, expertise may also be essential. To assess this, engage with the agencies you are considering and evaluate how relevant their advice and solutions are for your business.

A good tip is to compare the offerings of a generalist agency with those of a specialized agency to determine if you need a high level of expertise.

A social media marketing agency may help businesses by providing case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of their marketing campaign. Because if the agency can help other customers effectively, it surely can help you too.


Quotes and services offered do not always provide a complete picture of the quality of service. It is recommended to visit the websites and social media profiles of agencies to analyze their references and view past work.

Oshara is a full-service agency specializing in web development, digital marketing, advertising in all media and markets, and graphic design and visual production. We create web technologies and provide digital marketing services that help our clients achieve their goals.

In conclusion, we are a specialized creative agency that follows a process in several steps:

  • Understanding your situation.
  • Integrating it with various parameters such as industry, objectives, competition, budget, etc.
  • Studying and proposing an appropriate communication strategy.
  • Presenting a communication plan and/or technological solution.
  • Implementing the approved solution.
  • Monitoring and measuring the performance of the actions taken.

In a nutshell, we create web technologies and provide digital marketing services that help our clients achieve their goals.

Feel free to share any other types of specialized agencies you know in the comments!

If you need to communicate, explore our portfolio and services, and contact us today for a free consultation. We run the best web agency in Montreal and will surely find a way to help you!