Created March 3, 2022
Updated October 10, 2023
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Dear customers, Dear friends,

Growing is also an opportunity for renewal, reinvention, and, most importantly, refreshment. We are thrilled and proud to unveil our new brand image that perfectly reflects the evolution of our company since its inception in 2011. 

We wanted to create a stronger new image that would build upon the previous one and accurately describe who we are today: a technology and marketing company with a mission to create efficient work environments and connect businesses to their customers when it matters.

In line with the evolution of our brand, we also wanted to reaffirm our commitment to our current and future clients, as well as the assurance of continuing to provide a superior level of service while becoming even more professional. We extend our heartfelt thanks to these loyal customers and business partners for their trust and friendship.

oshara logo rebrand 2022

Our new logo has been redesigned to be more imposing and representative of our current team’s image and who we are. A close-knit family of passionate, equipped individuals, all focused on a single goal: the growth of businesses and the success of their clients’ projects.

  • The O in our logo represents a life cycle for a business, and the upward-pointing arrow integrated into it is the only direction our services should lead them: to the top.
  • The yellow dot identifies our team as the heart and actors of this transformation and ascent.
  • The proximity of each letter in our logo reveals one of our important values: teamwork and doing quality work for and with our clients.

All of this creates a simple, clean, consistent, imposing, and above all, reassuring logo for a company that promises its clients to reach new heights in business.

Oshara differents logo

Meaning of Colors:

For our colors, we haven’t changed them because they still perfectly represent our spirit and the emotions we want to evoke with our audience.

oshara color pallet
  • Blue expresses the Integrity, Expertise, Safety, and Serenity that we offer in all our assignments.
  • Yellow, on the other hand, represents the Energy, Joy, Creativity, and Optimism that characterize us and drive us in supporting our clients in their projects and exceeding their goals.

We also use other colors:

  • White symbolizes Purity, Simplicity, and Humility.
  • Gray expresses Assurance, Confidence, and Intelligence.
  • Black signifies Elegance, Power, and still a hint of Mystery.

Next Steps:

The visual identity presented today is the one that will now and ultimately be used to communicate our messages on all possible channels. Gradually, you will start to see these changes in our systems and tools, such as our website, our social media profiles, our new email signature, and more.

As we embark on this process, we would like to take the time to thank our loyal customers and associates. Without you, this would not be possible, and we look forward to many more years of mutual success with you.

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We look forward to collaborating with you very soon. 

OSHARA | Technology and Marketing Solutions

Oshara logo