The benefits of Social Marketing

The benefits of Social Marketing

by Joe Shara on 15/10/2018

Updated at 24/03/2023

No one could have imagined a few years ago how popular social media would become. Statista also reveals that in 2017, there were nearly 22 million regular users on these networks (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc.).

Given this observation and the fact that social media channels attract so much attention by attracting Internet users, it has therefore become a very useful tool for marketers who use it to generate more traffic on their platforms and reach more customers. Why are these channels so popular? What are the advantages they can give to your company and your strategy?

1. A targeted clientele

Social media marketing can help you build a network of potential customers or buyers who are interested in your business and what you have to offer. These groups of buyers or potential customers consult their accounts 4 to 10 times a day. So, by having a good approach and communication plus interesting content, you can make your message resonate much more easier and get a stronger commitment. 

2. It is very affordable

Unlike conventional marketing, where you have to pay huge amounts to get results, social media marketing offers you unparalleled flexibility in the sense that you can invest the amounts you want by defining the target audience you want to appear or display. Long live the algorithms that allow any strategist to configure his marketing campaigns in order to have the best success. 


There are a large number of advertising or campaign techniques from which you can easily choose. But first you will need to understand:

  • who are your customers
  • where are they and what they do
  • which social network are they more active on?
  • what are they looking for on internet (for your content strategy)?

3. Access to tangible data for better decision-making

As soon as you have made the decision to opt for digital marketing strategy, you have the possibility to measure in real time the impact of your actions with the dashboards giving you in real time the statistics and results of each completed marketing action. These include, for example:

  • the number of views,
  • the number of clicks, the cost per click (cpc),
  • the number of shares,
  • likes, etc.

This innovation has enabled and enables companies to take concrete, targeted actions, but above all to be able to quickly adjust and correct their mistakes and then make better decisions to achieve better results.

4. Create your community

One of the strengths of the existence and use of social media is the ability to create your own community. The problem with conventional marketing is that it is not only difficult to measure the impact of our marketing actions, but also to know who are the true ambassadors of your brand among your users. Thanks to social networks, it is now possible and easy to create your online community. This community is what will make your brand work and will bring you more customers and revenue. It has become crucial today to offer a personalized service to your customers, and to create your community, you need to know and offer precisely what your market is looking for. It's a bit like Michael Jackson's fans who were willing to do the impossible to attend each of his concerts.

Ideas for maintaining this relationship are for example:

  • To make promotional offers to increase or stimulate your sales.
  • To organize or conduct certain competitions
  • Occasional and seasonal campaigns that generate public or customer interest

If you are really willing to use online media sites to promote your business, then you have a lot to get a lot by hiring an expert like OSHARA to help you. We have been working in this sector for years and we can provide you with a higher Return on Investment (ROI) than you would have earned otherwise. Contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. A better targeted clientele 2. Its costs are very affordable 3. Access to tangible data for better decision making 4. Create your community

1- Who are your customers? 2- Where are they and what are they doing? 3- On which social network are they the most active? 4- What are they looking for on the internet (for your content strategy)?

1- The number of views, 2- The number of clicks, 3- Cost per click (cpc), 4- The number of shares, 5- The number of likes, 6- The profiles of the prospects

- To make promotional offers to increase or stimulate your sales. - To organize or conduct certain contests - Occasional and seasonal campaigns that arouse the interest of the public or customers

Joe Shara

Joe Shara is a in-house journalist and Oshara editor. Tech savvy guy who follows all the latest web & digital developments. Loves cats and complex coding problems.

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