Google Trends for Market Research
Created July 27, 2023
Updated March 7, 2024
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How to Use Google Trends for Market Research

Google Trends, launched in May 2006, is a crucial tool in the Google family, along with Google Ads and Search Console. 

For those in the marketing world, especially SEO specialists, Google Trends is like a treasure trove of helpful info. 

It’s where we find out what’s popular now and what people might be searching for soon. Using Google Trends is a must for making your website more visible and boosting how well it performs.

As a digital marketing agency, we want to explain why Google Trends is super important in 2023. Let’s look at how it can make your website, Google Ads, and SEO even better.

It’s a tool that counts how many times people search for stuff on the internet. It’s super useful for SEO. 

You can check how a keyword’s popularity changes and get ideas for similar keywords.

Big, general keywords aren’t as important as they used to be because everyone’s using them. So, it’s smarter to focus on more specific, long-tail keywords. 

Even though they might not bring as many visitors, they’re often better quality because people are looking for something specific. Therefore, this could lead to increased conversions and improve your website’s search engine ranking.

Filters to Find What You Need

Google Trends has four distinct filters to help you refine your keyword searches:

Category: There are 25 categories to choose from, like news, games, health, and travel. Pick the one that fits your keyword.

Geography: Choose a country or region to see results for that place. Great if you’re aiming at local or global audiences so you can dive deeper on data on a given location, like a country, state or a city.

Seasonality: Pick dates to compare how popular your keyword is over time. Indeed, a lot of searches are carried out based on seasonality or important events (Christmas, Easter, etc.).

Google Service:With Google Trends, you can choose the platform on which your keyword was searched, such as YouTube, Google Shopping, Google Images, etc.

These options make Google Trends even more relevant in 2023, as they offer even more detailed analysis possibilities, for more precise targeting and SEO optimization.

Comparing the same keyword in two different countries
Comparing the same keyword in two different countries

Easy Keyword Analysis for SEO

Trends can help you optimize your SEO in 2023 for free. This tool allows users to see the relative popularity of Google searches over time. 

It provides information on current and past search trends for different keywords and topics, both globally and for specific regions. 

With this information, you will be able to optimize your titles and URLs, thus improving your web positioning.

Google Trends will help you to keep your website high in the search results. In addition, by keeping yourself informed of the latest search trends, you will be able to anticipate upcoming web trends and guide your customers through your new content. 

So, Google Trends is not only an analysis tool, it is also a valuable guide for navigating the ever-changing digital landscape.

In the digital age, keyword optimization of your website is more important than ever for successful SEO, especially if you are a digital marketing agency. 

Google Trends remains a valuable tool to help you achieve this goal. For example, by comparing two similar keywords, you can determine which one generates more traffic. This information can then be used as a guide to direct your Google Ads campaign.

Google Trends also can determine which keywords are used by laypeople versus those used by experts. This distinction allows you to adapt the keywords of your web optimization according to the level of knowledge of your target audience. 

Also, you can see how the incorrectly spelled words rank and maybe incorrectly spell some of them yourself to gain some traction on your website, or product.

Google Trends is best for comparing a query or search term, also it gives you the related topics so you know how you can mold your content better.

It’s essentially, a free tool for keyword research which with you can look up search queries like keywords and find out their keyword search volume, that is the popular search and total search of any keyword. You usually do this for the last 12 months, because you want to see how it went over time. 

It helps you find the right topics for free to create content that would be interesting and engaging, and could rank easily.

With Google Trends you can easily evaluate the expectations of your target audiences, optimize your AdWords campaigns and improve your communication, as well as your keyword optimization for your products or services. 

As mentioned earlier, Google Trends can meet a multitude of needs, whether you are an e-commerce store, an SEO specialist, or a Google advertising professional. Its usefulness makes it an essential tool in the current digital landscape.

Seasonal Opportunities and Trendy Periods

Google Trends, as the name suggests, relies on “trends”, and therefore remains a valuable tool for identifying trending topics or elements to leverage them for your business. 

You can  create specific content to improve your web SEO, which generates more conversions. Fads and trends often lead to massive searches and interest by Internet users. This is where Google Trends becomes essential, as this tool helps you anticipate these trends and prepare properly to take full advantage of them for your business.

Additionally, Google Trends allows you to anticipate seasonal opportunities. That is, it can give you a wealth of information on what people are looking to buy for summer or winter, for example. 

Comparing different keywords in the same location
Comparing different keywords in the same location

Let’s dive into some other cool tasks you can tackle with Google Trends:

  • Find niches
  • Find related product categories if you want to expand
  • Research keywords to improve your web SEO
  • Sell based on seasonal trends
  • Adapt your content to current trends
  • Improving your reach on YouTube
  • Identify the right time for your Google Shopping ads


Google Trends has become an essential tool in 2023, once you have mastered this tool, you will be able to significantly improve your website with new content and better SEO.

If you’re curious to learn more about the subject, wish to supercharge your website’s performance, or are thinking about creating one, check out our services page or get in touch for a free consultation. 

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