Tips to get free backlinks

Tips to get free backlinks

by Sidick Allaladé on 8/06/2022

Updated at 9/02/2023

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1- Web directories

A web directory is a directory on the Internet that specializes in creating links to other sites and categorizing these links. Internet users often consult web directories to find websites of a particular category or subject. A web directory is therefore an ideal place to advertise your website and make it known. Here are some examples of directories:

  • Yellow Pages

free backlink

The posting of your website on the Yellow Pages is free. Yellow Pages also offer a subscription service. However, you will not need to subscribe to Yellow Pages for this strategy. Not only do Yellow Pages remain a reliable directory, their team works to improve their positioning. In addition to gaining visibility through their traffic, you will benefit from a "SEO" point of view through the internal link to the Yellow Pages and the external link to your site.

  • Yelp 

yelp free backlink

Yelp is another directory that exists since 2004 and invites its users to leave reviews on businesses. Businesses posted on Yelp can also respond privately or publicly to users of the platform. In addition to getting an external link, a Harvard study published in 2011, concluded that each "star" in a Yelp rating had a 5-9% impact on the business owner's revenue.

  • Google Business Profile

google business free backlink

The reason the term Google listing is popular, and often used in place of search engine optimization, is because Google alone accounts for between 85 and 95% of all web searches by location. So you definitely want to be listed on Google's platforms. Google my business was renamed "Google Business Profile" in 2021. Having a Google profile increases the relevance of your business to your local SEO.

  • Bing Places for Business

bing place for business backlink for free

After Google, the most used search engine in the world is Bing. It represents between 4 and 7% of the searches on the web. And remember that Microsoft still dominates the desktop market, and Bing is the default search engine for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. Microsoft's Business profile is called Bing Places for Business

  • Facebook

Facebook is a social network, but it also allows you to have a business page with your website link. 

2- Offer your articles instead of broken links

You need to search for broken links on sites from which you would like to receive backlinks. Once you have found some, use tools such as the Way back machine to get an idea about the old content, and make sure you produce similar but better content. 

You need to add elements that make your article more interesting and attractive than the old one with images, videos, info graphics, etc...

Your goal should be to produce better content with images, videos, info graphics, etc. Your goal should be to produce better content, not to copy and paste. 

Once completed, you will reach out to the blog owner of the site where you want to get a backlink by mentioning that his page contains a broken link and that you have a replacement link that could potentially interest him.

3- Contact the owners of the websites you are referring

To receive, you must give. 

So this strategy is to be applied when you provide a backlink to another website. You must contact the owner of the referenced site to mention it. Ask him if he likes your content, and that it would make your day if he shares your article in his network. This technique allows you to reach a new audience (the one of the site where you made a backlink), but also if you have content that could interest the website of your backlink, it will be easier for you to get a backlink from this site at the right time. Note that it is not about asking for link exchanges.

In the same way that prospecting for sales is done, you must prospect for backlinks.

With strategy you should try to get 100 different prospects to 

  • Backlinks to articles published on your site
  • backlinks replacing broken links
  • backlinks containing contextual words
  • Using an email finder tool can be an extremely helpful way of quickly finding accurate contact information while preparing your backlink prospects list. Such tools can save you time and effort while still allowing you to maintain high standards when it comes to finding reputable sources for your links - all with just a few clicks!

5- Check your competitors' backlinks and try to get similar links

In business, competitive analysis is important. The same goes for backlinks. If a site refers to several of your competitors, the probability that this site agrees to refer to you is high, especially if you have equally interesting content.

 6- Be active in forums and groups

Join Facebook groups and participate in the conversation. The same goes for sites like Quora where you can answer questions while sharing links to your site that address the topic at hand.

7- Contact people who have linked to content similar to yours

The idea here is simply to contact sites that have back linked to content similar to yours, and offer them your content. Many directories, such as Facebook, do not follow links; this doesn't mean it's not worth being there. Also, even if direct email prospecting can take more time, you also have backlinks of different qualities, and often better. Getting backlinks is good, but make sure you are looking for quality backlinks for your website based on your backlink curve and the state of your organic SEO. If you want to do your SEO yourself, this SEO roadmap might be of interest to you. If you want our team to take care of your SEO, contact us, and increase your sales.

Sidick Allaladé

Sidick Allalade, is Chief Technology Officer at Oshara INC and co-founder of the Osortoo web application. He loves solving complex IT problems, coding and everything IT. He has a good knowledge of online marketing and IT Governance, Audit and Security.
His experience spans hundreds of projects with companies of all sizes which makes him a valuable asset on any team.

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