Invest in Visual Identity
Created May 15, 2021
Updated March 11, 2024
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Why Should You Invest in Visual Identity?

It’s hard to find something more important than visual identity in corporate communication. The visual identity of a company is the impression the customer gets of the company. Its graphics, acronym, font act as a signature and projects values that resonate in the minds of customers. Here are a few good reasons to invest in a good visual identity.

What is a Visual Identity?

The visual identity of a company is the set of graphic elements that differentiates the company, an organization or a brand, from other companies. 

These elements can be the logo, name, slogan, colors, graphics, fonts, are grouped together and described within a graphic charter in order to apply it easily on all possible media intended for customers. The visual identity is part of the company’s communication strategy. Its function is to promote the image and values of the company.

Visual Identity for a Coffee Brand HIP
Visual identity for a coffee brand HIP

The Benefits of Visual Identity

Indeed, the visual identity should not be taken lightly, because by definition it has a direct effect on the customers.

The creation of a graphic charter by a communication professional will generate a multitude of benefits for the company’s activity.

Giving an Identity to the Company

The first benefit seems obvious, the visual identity will give your company an identity. This allows your company to be known and even recognized through the competition, especially with a convincing image.

Disseminate Company Values.

Through your color code, your symbols, your slogan, you convey your values directly to customers and potential prospects. The objective is to leave impression on the mind of the customer so that he can identify you and trust you. As they say ‘It’s the first impression that counts.’

An Enduring Image

In order to maximize your communication in the long term, you must carefully develop your graphic charter. With a visual identity that clearly identifies your structure, your messages will have significant impact over time, through their uniformity and clarity.

Graphic charter is like a set of rules for a company’s visual identity. It’s usually a brochure that explains what are the company’s logo, colors, and other design elements and how to use them consistently. It helps keep the brand looking the same in different places, like websites, ads, and packaging.

Canva Graphic Charter in Forest Theme
Canva Graphic Charter in Forest Theme

Boost the Brand Image of a Company

It is important to take advantage of your visual identity to establish yourself permanently in a sector of activity. The visual identity will help improve your reputation and anchor your place in your sector of activity.

Belonging to the Business

Thus, the visual identity has the advantage of creating the effect of belonging. It is easier to become attached to a brand or a company, with concrete elements such as values, a history of creations, significant events, etc. 

Thanks to your design, your brand communication, your customers will fully internalize your brand. This advantage resulting from these symbols characterizing you, will also strengthen the feeling of belonging within your work teams, and at the same time their commitment to society.

A profitable Investment

Finally, the last advantage, which is far from negligible, is on the economic level. With a well-defined and effective graphic charter, creating your future brand messages will be much easier and faster to achieve. Thus, you will save time and avoid spending money unnecessarily on new graphic designs.

Visual Identity Design

After considering the many benefits that a visual identity can bring you, you see that it’s a serious business that requires careful consideration. Designing a visual identity amounts to personifying and giving an image to the company that will unite your prospects, your customers and your employees. The goal of a good visual identity is simple, it must fulfill two objectives, being attractive and durable over time.

Attractiveness allows you to reach your target directly, to convince them and quickly identify the values of your organization. The durability of the visual identity is important to prevent it from suffering from time and to guarantee its functionality for the future.

To avoid destabilizing customers and harming reputation, we advise you to minimize frequent changes to your visual identity. For these different reasons, it is important to collaborate with a professional graphic designer to help you with this task. Only a communication professional can visualize the extent of the challenges of your visual identity. While respecting your requirements, the graphic designer accompanies you in the design of your visual identity.

Where to Place your Visual Identity?

It’s best to, adopt a strategic approach around the places, or the interests of your target audience. Thus, you will be certain that your work will have a satisfactory impact and yield results. Here is our list of examples of placement, where we consider you should show off your visual identity:

  • Company website
  • Company social network
  • Press release
  • Visit card
  • Flyers and posters
  • Goodies (T-shirts, pens, bookmarks, mugs, etc.)


Before starting a campaign, it is best to properly establish a visual identity alongside a communication professional. In this way, you will be sure to be permanently recognizable among your competitors.

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