9 Types of Viral Content
Created June 10, 2022
Updated March 8, 2024
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9 Types of Content That Attract Shares on the Internet and Social Networks

In order for a brand to be visible on social networks, it must be able to create engaging and original web content which will then be shared by as many people as possible. 

But, faced with the millions of publications posted every day, you have to know how to stand out from the others. 

Discover our web content ideas and the types of content that generate the most shares in order to promote your business blog on social networks.

Video Content

According to SEMrush, video content generates 1200% more shares than text, image or photo publications combined. So if your goal is mass sharing on social networks, then this is surely the content that you should exploit the most.

Whether you are looking to attract a community on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Youtube, you need to think about a way to promote your blog on these social networks. 

Take inspiration from trends that work well and favor fairly short and impactful formats, which will combine current events, storytelling, humor and above all originality.

Focus on Visual Content with Images or Photos

Visual content such as images or photos attracts a lot of shares. In fact, a simple post accompanied by a well-chosen image generates on average 50% additional user involvement, this is valid for any social network.

In addition, you must realize that a visual message are much more impressionable on your readers than any other media. 

In order to encourage the sharing of your shares, it is important to take care of your images and illustrations to create engaging and graphic publications.

Lists and Rankings

Lists and rankings generate a lot of engagement from Internet users, especially social platforms.

Writing a list-type article has 2 advantages:

  • It allows you to be brief and condense a lot of information, plus it encourages your readers to come and visit your website.
  • Then, this type of article can be expanded endlesly and in all areas: “5 essential tools for your SEO web referencing”, “10 best web agencies in Montreal”, “15 best attractions in the world”.

Also, Think about Infographics

This is not new, for a long time, infographics have stimulated engagement as well as the sharing of posts on any social network.

This format adored by marketers has two big advantages:

  • It allows you to offer very engaging visual content.
  • Infographics allow you to convey information in an educational and fun way.

Combine this with the power of GIFs, infographics can turn into extremely effective messaging. Especially if you add a humorous side to your infographic publications, you will attract reactions and shares.

Iconographics are great for complicated topics
Iconographics are great for complicated topics

Instagram Stories that Generate Engagement

If you are looking to communicate effectively about your brand or business through your social networks, it is important that you do not neglect the power of Instagram stories. 

Since you should know that almost everyone watches at least one story per day. 

This format, which is very popular among 20 to 35 year olds, has the advantage of offering a lot of options for creativity and interactivity. Your social media strategy must be made for people who use social media heavily and who are more likely to amplify your message.

We advise you, if you are interested, to follow the accounts of Louis Vuitton, Airbnb or Maybelline for inspiration.

Instagram stories boost engagement
Instagram stories boost engagement

Writing about trends or hot topics is a proven format that works every time. By creating content on current events or topics, you considerably increase your chances of being shared by your community.

From now on, it’s up to you to think about how to integrate the latest trends into your SEO marketing content strategy. 

For example, you can cover extremely recent news, talk about seasonal news, or discuss the latest developments in your industry.

Publish “How to…?” Articles

“How To” articles are some of the most popular articles on business blogs. 

Since they make it easy to provide very practical information to solve a problem or a need for customers or readers. “How to make your 100% natural shampoo?”, “How to develop your sales on the internet?”, “How to optimize a blog article?”, let your imagination run wild.

The strong point of this type of highly engaging content is that it also helps boost the visibility of your site on Google. 

Indeed, a lot of Internet users use “how to do”, “how to create”, “how to become” type queries to look for answers to their questions on the web.

This type of publication has a very positive effect on online sales sites. Since by creating articles in the form of a tutorial, e-retailers can easily create links to their product sheets.

This type of publication is particularly useful on online sales sites. One of the problems of e-retailers was to attract the public to their product pages. By creating articles in the form of a tutorial, they can easily create links to their product sheets.

Write Long-Form Articles with Images

Several studies tend to show that the most shared articles on social networks are often the longest.

We therefore recommend that you write articles of at least 1600 words and 2500 words on average, always enriched with visuals, illustrations or photos. 

One of the tips to encourage the reader to continue reading is to write a powerful introduction for your web article.

Spark Emotion and Tell Stories

Emotion is a very important for your digital marketing strategy. 

Knowing how to use storytelling will allow you to humanize your brand and establish real credibility, in order to generate trust and commitment.

Learn to tell stories and design web content that makes you dream, offering something other than a simple promotion for a product or service. 

Also apply the main principles of SEM, SEO, SEA, SMO, SMA, SXO, CRO so that your content is found and appreciated by Internet users. It’s now up to you to develop your creativity, by seeking to understand the expectations and desires of your customers.

You will then have to learn to tell stories and design web content that makes you dream, while offering something other than a simple promotion for a product or service. 

Also apply the main principles of SEO to this so that your content is found and appreciated by Internet users.


To execute an effective social media marketing strategy, it’s crucial to select the right social media platform and tailor your social media content.

Whether it’s user-generated content or professionally crafted social media posts, try to engage with the diverse audience on the social media network.

While doing that, consistently refine your content marketing approach across various content types to effectively connect with social media users and bolster your brand’s presence on your chosen social media channels and social profile.

If you would like to improve your positioning on the Internet thanks to SEO, feel free to contact us for a free consultation and personalized support tailored to your needs and budget. We run the best web marketing agency in Montreal.