How to boost your website

How to boost your website

by Joe Shara on 1/08/2018

Updated at 27/01/2023

You may have the best service, an innovative business, a revolutionary idea... If the traffic of your website is close to a very low rate of visit, at the marketing level it will be very complicated.
Even if nowadays, it is very easy to design a website, via powerful CMS, which we help you to make your choice via this article.
If you are not Elon Musk, Rihanna, or a very influential personality, it is essential to establish a real strategy to promote your website.
We understand that it is frustrating to invest in a tool with advantages as we saw in the previous article and the tips presented here, will allow your website to jump significantly in the coming months.
You will discover in the following article

Set yourself Goals!

Before you begin, you should think carefully and delineate your wishes to answer questions such as :

  • Who will my site be for?
  • What are my ambitions?

The predominant step is to determine the objectives!

Establish Objectives!

This seems obvious, but like any project, it is essential to start by calmly setting objectives.

To help you, here are indications so that your objectives are S.M.A.R.T :

  • Specific, for precision in verse your theme.
  • Measurable, to easily quantify results.
  • Acceptable, to assess feasibility.
  • Realistic, for a look in conformity with the constraints of reality.
  • Temporarily defined, so that it is limited in time.

If you do not set your goals within these guidelines, you will likely find it difficult to measure your results.
Here is a series of examples of objectives:

  • Get 600 email addresses in 6 months.
  • Increase the average basket of my customers by 20% before the end of the year.
  • Improve the regularity of traffic on my website for 3 months.
  • Touching more young men.

Yours will be much more personal and adapted to your activities, but overall this objective must be your basis for following it as a guideline.
Once your objectives have been clarified, it is time to put all the means in your possession to disseminate your website.


Let's not wait any more, the first way to promote your sustainable website is first of all your presence in search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Qwant
Indeed, the natural referencing or SEO gathers the free methods to appear in the first pages of the search engines.


SEO takes into account the quality of the site as a whole, the relevance of keywords and all content written on each page.
There are a multitude of rules, tips that can improve the strength of your SEO. But these are not fixed. They evolve over time according to technological innovations, the behavior of Internet users and changes in search engine algorithms. As recently Google has officialized the move to the Mobile First Index which consists in highlighting sites designed and optimized for mobile devices. This change is part of the changing behavior of Internet users who surf advantages on their smartphones and touch pads.
It is therefore necessary to keep abreast of search engine news.
But there are certain points that remain intact over time, such as the selection of keywords. Indeed, the keywords selected in coherence with your theme will represent your guiding thread when writing your content, your titles, your Url, and your meta descriptions so that Google quickly identifies your interests and your activity.
The second objective is to create a lot of links with your website. The goal is to increase traffic to your site. Because if Google notices that your website has many visits, the more it will interpret your site as relevant. To achieve this, it is ideal to be promoted by reference sites linked to your domain.
Natural referencing is part of a long-term strategy. Its great advantage is that it is durable. Don't worry, all your efforts on your website will pay off and will not disappear overnight.
Clearly, SEO is a solid and reliable medium, which will result in a strong impact over the long term. On the other hand it will require you a constant work.
To facilitate this work, we strongly advise you to incorporate a blog on your website that will actively participate in your visibility.


We hear more and more that blogging is no longer an issue. That's not true!
Here are some convincing figures about blogging:

  • Unlike a company without a blog, a young company that has one to 126% more prospects.
  • The number of referenced pages on your website increases by 434% with the presence of a blog.
  • 70% of consumers have a preference to discover a brand through articles.
  • Reading a blog article, has a conversion power of 61%.
  • 80% of customers trust the information on the blog.
  • Companies with a blog estimate its usefulness at 80% at a crucial level.
  • 67% more lead each month, via a blog.

Sources: Incremys - SearchGroup - ComExplorerHubspot
Not only does a blog attract traffic to your website, but it also promotes your expertise and know-how.
A blog gives you the opportunity to assert your position as an expert and your reputation with your customers. But to achieve such a result, writing articles requires a lot of time depending on the theme.

How to make your blog known?

There are many ways to distribute your blog on the web. These are the ones that work best.

Notice and Comment.

Offer your readers the possibility to post a comment or a satisfaction evaluation of your article. On the one hand you will be able to get feedback on your work, and surely reap areas for improvement, but also create a real proximity with your target customers or colleagues.
You can also visit other blogs targeting the same theme. It is interesting to give a satisfactory opinion to create an exchange with the author of the article. You can also put the link of your article there to present your philosophy. These two techniques are very useful for creating links and attracting new traffic.

Integrate Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are small communities of highly committed individuals according to their theme. Indeed the discussions around the publications are very often live, because they are real enthusiasts who wish to express their opinion. If you publish your article, you are sure that very quickly the community will go to your website to inspect it.
But be careful. Read the group rules carefully, because some of them ban members who publish promotions.
The idea is that once accepted, you present yourself with the ambition to learn, but also enrich their content by sharing your knowledge. Then a few days later, you will post your article. This will prevent you from looking like an untimely promoter.


When writing articles, feel free to include links to sites or reference blogs related to your theme. This exercise again requires time to find the right sources. But it still pays, because the quality of your website increases at Google, which increases its natural referencing.


Nowadays, the majority of companies keep the contacts of their customers or prospects. If this is not the case, we advise you greatly.
Once, your database of email addresses built, do not hesitate to set up an emailing to promote your article. Useful tools for this are Mailchimp (for small budgets) or Activ Campaign very powerful per a port at its price.
This technique has become popular because of its simple and very effective method to increase traffic quickly.
(concerning the natural referencing it is not necessary to stop has simple blog...)

Social networks

The last way to promote your website quickly is to use social networks. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tweeter, etc., have become real weapons of mass communication.
Don't rush into registering your company on all the social networks that exist.

  • The first reason is that managing too many accounts, will exhaust you with energy and rigor depending on the frequency of publications.
  • The second is the potential loss of time, as your customer target may not be present on some networks.

Undeniably, social networks are very powerful communication channels because of the size of their communities. They are therefore useful and quick to reach a wide audience and direct them to your website. The idea is therefore to intelligently choose the right social networks in adequacy with your objective and with your audience to transmit your messages directly to them.
You will find our advice concerning social networks in this article.


You will have surely understood it, to make known your Web site, it is necessary first of all to fix you objectives S.M.A.R.T. You must then use the three main effective means to promote it.
Natural referencing (SEO)

  • Blogging
  • Social networks

Even if we are well aware that these 3 free tools require a lot of time and work, it is necessary to use them simultaneously to optimize your opportunities to make yourself known.
We can help you get there. Discover here our services and connect!

Frequently Asked Questions

- Specific, to be precise about your theme. - Measurable, to easily quantify results. - Acceptable, to evaluate the feasibility. - Realistic, for a look in accordance with the constraints of reality. - Temporally defined, so that it is limited in time.

1. Find your goals 2. Set goals 3. Focus on SEO 4. Add a blog 5. Share on social networks

1. Get a certain number of email addresses in so many days or months. 2. Increase the average shopping cart of my customers by a certain percentage in a certain time. 3. Improve the regularity of traffic on my website for so many months. 4. Reach more people who belong to the segment you are targeting.

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