Everything You Need To Know About Communication Agencies

Everything You Need To Know About Communication Agencies

by Joe Shara on 29/08/2017

Updated at 9/02/2023

By definition, a communication (marketing) agency is a company that arranges and harmonizes internal and/or external communication on behalf of its clients.

Internal communication aims to unite the company’s personnel around the company’s objectives. Examples: internet sites, intranet, company wiki, etc…

External communication aims to promote the company image to the public audience. Examples: internet sites, social media, commercial pamphlets, web advertising, etc…

There are two types of agencies:

  1. Global communication agencies advise their clients in communication as well as in advertising and direct marketing.
  1. Specialized communication agencies possess one or multiple expertise in the following areas:

Table of Contents

  • Digital marketing

Digital marketing agencies develop advertising campaigns designed for the web and various digital medias. Their tactics may include banner ads, viral campaigns, email marketing, as well as campaigns in other medias such as Google advertising (formerly “Google adwords”), Facebook advertising, or mobile advertising and video.

  • Web

Web agencies are specialized in creating and redesigning websites. They are sub-groups of digital marketing agencies. Their role is to offer you web solutions adapted to your project.

  • Social media

These are subgroups of digital marketing agencies. They focus on using social networks for your business such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media to communicate with your clients. Social media agencies regularly monitor social networks, because building and maintaining relationships with your clients and sales leads online is a priority for them.

  • Corporate image


Generally, these agencies focus on establishing, maintaining, and preserving a strong image for your company on the market. They understand your complete visual identity, logos, colors, font, sizes, rules for the use of different elements and their variations, your brand tags, etc.

  • Purchase marketing or Shopper activation

These agencies propose promotional strategies and services to encourage customers to buy in retail stores. They generally use various in-store media and technologies to create programs throughout the “buying journey.” This allows to stimulate customer trials, loyalty, and purchase frequency.

  • Print

Print agencies specialize in products distributed on paper or objects such as pamphlets, leaflets, business cards, brochures, T-shirts, key rings, etc…

  • Direct marketing

Direct marketing agencies focus on medias that have a “direct response,” which are communication tactics with an integrated way for consumers to respond to you. These may be mailings such as letters or pamphlets, email marketing, or telephone marketing in which trained staff reach out to a predetermined set of potential customers.

  • Public and press relations

These companies are dedicated to helping the public understand your company and its products. Their main objective is to create a strong image of your company to the outside world. Their tactics may include press releases, events, articles, and columns in trade publications.

  • Advertising

Advertising agencies specialize in creating visual or audio advertisement and consult advertisers.

  • Events

Event agencies focus on organizing and hosting events specifically for professionals and particular individuals/audience.


Working with a communications agency allows you to:

  • Benefit from expert advice and be guaranteed for good results,
  • Take advantage of support and follow-up of your communication actions,
  • Save time, and therefore money.

Oshara is a 360-integrated service, or “full-service” agency. We offer a complete range of services such as web development, digital marketing including all forms of web advertising in all media and markets, graphic design, and visual production.

Depending on your business and goals, we use various tactics including web advertising, sales funnels, and email automation to establish integrated marketing campaigns.

This is why listening to our clients is essential, so that we can offer you customized solutions.

We are a specialized creative agency, and our process can be summed up in the few following steps:

  1. Understanding your business position,
  2. Analyzing and integrating your situation into a series of parameters such as activity sectors, objectives, competition, budget, etc…,
  3. Studying and proposing an effective communication strategy,
  4. Present a communication plan and/or a technological solution,
  5. Implementing said solution after coming to a mutual agreement,
  6. Monitoring and evaluating company’s performance.

Simply put, we create web technologies and provide digital marketing services that help our clients achieve their goals.

Tell us about other types of specialized agencies that you know!

Should you need to communicate your business, do not hesitate to explore our page to check out our portfolio and services, and contact us today for a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

- To benefit from expert advice with a guarantee of results, - Benefit from a support and a follow-up of your communication actions, - Save time and therefore money.

Internal communication aims at federating the staff around the company's objectives. Examples: internet site, intranet, company wiki, etc...

External communication aims at promoting the company's image to the targeted public. Examples: website, social networks, commercial brochure, web advertising, etc...

There are essentially 2 types of agencies: 1. The agencies of global communication advise their customers in all their communication as well in advertising as in direct marketing. 2. Specialized communication agencies have one or several expertise.

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