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A "backlink" is a link through which website users can navigate easily from one website to another. It serves as  a connector between websites. It takes a user from one website to another when clicked on. Basically it functions to direct traffic to one's Website.

With the increase in mobile content consumers, the need for quality media content and links can not be over emphasized as it stands as a major source of viewer-ship globally.

Hence, generating solid functional and reliable backlinks to and from ones website is of great essence. Building a reliable and quality backlink helps your website to reach a larger user base which in turn means an expansion on your content which is every website owners dream.


Backlinks also helps to prove the credibility of your website and serves as a form of recommendation to users of other websites, so the more backlinks the website has to it the more traffic the site is sure to experience. Search engines basically consider every link to your website as a vote of confidence to the quality of your content.

For another website owner to be willing to redirect their users unto your website, then your content has to be very credible, hence getting backlinks is not enough but also keeping your content credible and reliable is also of essence.

Building backlinks could seem very difficult but below are listed 10 ways to help build backlinks to your website.


Internal backlinks are links created by you, the owner of the website, redirecting users to other contents or materials written or owned by you.

Simply put, it is you advertising or promoting you on your own website. With a good sense of direction, you could create your links in a way that makes it easy for users to navigate your website with ease as all contents are well laid out by you.

Regardless of its great advantage, it is not advisable to have too much internal backlinks on your content, as clearly stated above external backlinks helps to prove the credibility of your content to search engines and directs more traffic to your website.

Internal backlinks


Your content, products, goods and services could get mentioned every now and then by other website owners due to its credibility or the impact which it has made on a portion of your targeted audience but then they may forget or ignore to include a link to your website or that particular content which was referenced in their work.

Having these recommendations go a long way to push your work to a larger audience and without the link to your work being included this could prove to be dormant. 

The omission of the link could be a simple oversight and could be looked at as a minor setback which could be easily sorted out by simply contacting the owner of the content or the site where your work was sited via email or any means that proves helpful.

Show them your gratitude for citing your work in theirs, which also goes a long way to further boost you to them. Then you can politely tell them that you'd like for the link to your work be added or suggest to them that it be added, but note that you should on no account try to force it on them as it is totally their decision to make.

Hence you've succeeded in creating a backlink to your website and from there on other website owner who use their work,automatically push your backlink to more audience.

Getting notifications of your work or content being used by different website owners is easy to keep track with the use of BuzzSummo and it's like, which generates a content alert every time someone writes about you.

Link reclamation


Having your content or your work done in an audio form goes a long way in generating backlinks to your website. For one, this method is not rampant but it goes a long way in promoting your content as your audience can listen and assimilate with ease.

A lot of people understand what they hear better and faster than what they read, especially if the content in question is bulky. Reading can be tiresome but having to listen to the content in an audio form gives the audience the chance to carry out other activities while listening.

Audio can again help drive to your website. Users with dyslexia tend to view your page(s) or contents more with audio format as long posts can be discouraging to them. Text-to-speech assistive programs are tools that are audio oriented and can help increase your page views.

Tools like Vocaroo are great for recording via your browser. Files can be downloaded in mp3 format and then inputted in your site. Audio sharing sites are a good place to upload the files as it helps to build more backlinks.


Simply the graphical representation of your content for easier understanding and aesthetics. When your work or content is given a pictorial or graphical representation, it tends to attract more users as the use of images with text is very appealing.

It also gives room for fast assimilation of the point which you are driving at as pictorial illustrations are faster understood.

This doesn't have to be hard as you can always get a graphic designer from our team for affordable rates.

Infographics just like the use of audio to generate backlinks to your site is very efficient but also not too common in practice.


A lot of websites get hacked without the site owners being able to detect. Text and contents not necessarily relevant to the site could be inserted in and viewed by the users of such sites without the owner's consent. This could make such sites lose their users to another site.

There are means by which you can help such sites detect hacked content, bring it to their notice for them to rectify and in return get the link to your site shared on one or more of their high ranking pages.

This works basically as a reward for helping out, you are generating backlinks to your own page and increasing your viewership.


Once your website content is tangible, of good quality and reliable, you really wouldn't have to stress over pushing to get backlinks to your website as good contents can never be ignored by other bloggers and website owners. As they'd also want to be recognized with such great work.

Having quality content makes others to cite your work on their pages and even social media hence expanding your user base and generating limitless backlinks to your website.

While creating content for your website, put yourself in your users shoes, and ask yourself the question "is this relevant to the subject matter?" If your answer is 'No', scrap it and do better as a good content alone sells you out faster and without having to approach other site owners for backlinks.

Quality content creation


The impact that social media has on our today's generation can not be over emphasized. The social cuts across the age barrier, nationality race, skin colour and even social classes.

The social media is made in a way that it can easily be set up and managed. The social media isn't there just for chatting and socialising, it stands to be a platform to help advertise and promote various businesses with little or no stress.

Today, we have social media influencers who could help write contents for our businesses to be posted on this social media platforms.

A lot of people's WhatsApp statuses have been taken over by business adverts, Twitter cannot be left out either and Instagram as well. They all serve a great purpose in customer generation.

One could easily open a social media handle for one's business and share links on there to your website, hence generating backlinks to your website.

Social media


One of the most trending means of generating backlinks to your website is through interviews. Creating an online presence for yourself in a Field of your specialization goes a long a promoting what you do and your website content.

You could start out small by running free interviews for bloggers and vlogs in a field which you have a vast knowledge until you become a known presence in that capacity. Thereby generating backlinks to your website


Healthy competition has always been a good boost for business and growth. You can easily follow other websites owners who are into the generation of similar content as yourself at a safe distance just to help you know what they're into or what they're doing differently that is helping them generate more traffic than yourself.

You could subscribe to their channels or follow them on social media as to enable you get an in on their every step and improvements to aid you make your corrections and improvements as well 


You can take an active part in writing a short praising and promotional write up in the comments section of goods and services which you have used previously and ensure that they are real. Your website link could be included to help you generate backlinks through their page.

Given that your content in the writeup is true and not just praising, the owners of such site would gladly post your testimony on their pages hence increasing your chance of generating backlinks to your own website.

In a brief conclusion, the importance of backlinks and good content cannot be over emphasized or overlooked, this helps in the creation of traffic to your website which in turn means an expansion for your content.

Generation of backlinks can be easily done, one just has to ensure that one sticks to generating real and reliable backlinks.


If you need any help with your backlinking strategy or anything marketing related don't hesitate to contact our web agency. We run the best web marketing agency in Montreal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Add internal links 2- Get links back 3- Use audio formats 4- Create quality content 5- Use infographics 6- Share on social networks 7- Do interviews

Internal backlinks are links created by you, the website owner, that redirect users to other content or materials written or owned by you. In other words, it is your advertising or promotion on your own website.

Good content encourages others to cite your work on their pages and even on social media, which expands your user base and generates unlimited backlinks to your website.

You can easily and securely follow the owners of other websites that produce content like yours, just to help you know what they are doing or what they are doing differently, allowing them to generate more traffic than you. You can subscribe to their channels or follow them on social media to know all the steps and improvements to help you make your corrections and improvements.

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