How to write catchy Meta Description (that are SEO-Friendly)?

How to write meta descriptions

In the world of online marketing, every click matters. Meta descriptions are super important for grabbing people’s attention and getting them to visit your website. Even though they’re small, they have a big impact on search engine results and user behavior. Let’s talk about what meta descriptions are, why they’re important, and how writing catchy […]

How to Create a Google My Business Page? (2024) 

How to Create a Google My Business Page?

Google My Business is the best friend to your local business. You absolutely need to have My Business profile if you are selling products or services locally. If you are a big corporation like Facebook or Google you probably won’t need it, but otherwise the bet is that it will be useful for your business. […]

5 Effective Ways to Use ChatGPT in your Marketing (2024)

5 Effective Ways to Use ChatGPT in your Marketing (2024)

I’m sure that by now you have already heard about ChatGPT, and I’m also pretty sure that you have thought about how to use it in your marketing campaigns. We at Oshara were thinking the same thing last year in December when we first stumbled upon the AI platform. First we started using it to […]

Communication agency – all you need to know

communication agency

A communication agency is a company that plans and coordinates internal and/or external communication on behalf of its clients. Internal communication aims to unite employees around the company’s objectives. Examples include websites, intranets, corporate wikis, etc. External communication aims to promote the company’s image to the target audience. Examples include websites, social networks, promotional pamphlets, […]

How to Boost your Website’s SEO (and Improve Ranking on Google)

How to Boost your Website’s SEO (and Improve Ranking on Google)

Creating the best service, an innovative company or a revolutionary idea may be in vain if your website struggles to attract visitors.  Online marketing is a huge challenge and the competitiveness for Google SEO is intense across the board.  This is why mastering your SEO skills and improving your positioning on search engines can be […]

How to Install and Configure Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager?

In the world of digital marketing, making decisions based on accurate and reliable data has become a necessity. To gather all the data needed, Google offers two powerful tools: Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Google Analytics helps you understand how users interact with your website, while Google Tag Manager facilitates the implementation and management […]

12 Secrets to Improve Your E-commerce Conversion Rate

Improve Ecommerce Conversion Rate

E-commerce is growing rapidly and is becoming one of the largest industries in cyberspace.  This is due to the endless increase in human satisfaction in the most easy, accessible and quick (one can also say lazy) way.  Online shopping is increasing as people are shopping online more than ever. In the United States alone, there […]

Everything You Need to Know About Metadata

Everything You Need to Know About Metadata

Having a website is step one for a successful business nowadays. But the real challenge is getting that site seen and ranked high on search engines, because that’s how your customers will find you. The key to this is search engine optimization (SEO), and a big part of that is using metadata. What’s metadata? How […]

How to Use Google Trends for Market Research

Google Trends for Market Research

Google Trends, launched in May 2006, is a crucial tool in the Google family, along with Google Ads and Search Console.  For those in the marketing world, especially SEO specialists, Google Trends is like a treasure trove of helpful info.  It’s where we find out what’s popular now and what people might be searching for […]