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Designing a website is a big step for you or your company in opening up your business to a world of infinite new business opportunities. Building an online presence is of major importance to you. Aware of this fact, Oshara, a Montreal web agency provides you with a professional team of web designers. With our expertise, our team will help you create your custom website to build a loyal audience and maximize your results. Our goal is to make your company prosper and give it a strong credibility and notoriety through your website. 

What is a website?

A website is a set of web pages and resources linked together by hyperlinks. It is accessible by a web address also called url. The website is a very important element of the Internet. Having a website gives several advantages such as visibility, notoriety, and many others. 


Benefits of a website

As said above, the website can be considered as the most important element of the Internet. Nowadays, there are more than 4.79 billion Internet users. That is more than half of the inhabitants of the earth. The website is then a way to be discovered and known to the whole world.

A website often contains text, images, videos, audios, and others. Thanks to these, you have the possibility of communicating and/or sharing your skills with the Net surfers through the information they convey. Whether you are an individual, a professional or a company, the website will be very useful. For the individual, the website can be used to share a passion or to talk about certain subjects that are important to them. As benefits, the individual has the chance to be heard and to be followed all over the world. Moreover, he can earn money through advertising, affiliation, and many other techniques. As for the professional or a company, the website is a way to show the world its know-how. It can be used to communicate with its customers, to publish news, sales, and many other things. As advantages in this case, the website increases your notoriety, your visibility to potential customers. To make a long story short, we can mention as benefits from a website, these different points: 

  • Visibility 
  • Awareness 
  • Development of audience 
  • Increase of potential customers 
  • Information of your company accessible at any time and from anywhere 
  • Credibility 
  • Communication at all times with your customers 
  • And many more.

Different types of websites

There are more than 1.78 billion websites nowadays. They are of many different types. Each site has its own objectives. 

Here are some of the types of websites that exist: 

  • Showcase site: Generally used to present a company, a brand, its activity, its products, its services... 

  • Catalog site: Evolution of the showcase site, it presents the same elements as the latter but also the catalog of the products and/or services of the company 

  • E-commerce website: It is your online store. It allows you to sell your products from the comfort of your home without having to intervene

  • Institutional site: It presents an organization, its values, and its activities. It contains all the practical information needed by the organization's clients or beneficiaries 

  • Personal website or blog: For individuals who wish to share their passion or opinion on given subjects.

  • Portal site: It is a site that offers a common entry point to a wide range of resources and services (messaging, forum, search engine ...)  

  • Web application: It is an application that runs directly in your web browser. It can be a management system, a processing software, a game... 

Creating a website

There are several ways to create a website. Creating a website is becoming increasingly easy and accessible to everyone. This is thanks to the many tools for creating websites found on the Internet. We can mention for example Wordpress, Shopify, Wix etc.. These tools allow you to easily create and put your website online without any programming knowledge on your part. However, you will have to pay a monthly fee to keep your sign online and with its features. Another drawback is that creating a site in this way can deprive you of certain features that you may want to add to your website. On the other hand, you have the possibility to use the Oshara web agency to create a custom website. Thanks to us, you will have a site that represents you, a site with all the functionalities you want. With it, the customizations are endless, and you have more freedom compared to websites created by tools. 

Who can create your website?


As we said above you can create your own website. However, you will be limited if you want to customize and add many features. That's why we recommend that you use our web agency to help you create your own website. With Oshara, you are guaranteed to have a good result. Because it is composed of a team of web designers, developers, web marketing specialists, SEO experts and others. Thanks to their expertise, you will have a site that will be custom made according to your desires. 

Oshara, the Montreal web agency that creates your custom website by optimizing the results.

With Oshara Inc as your web agency, your possibilities are endless. We are proud to be among the best web agencies in Montreal and confident that we can imagine, design and develop for you, platforms and websites tailored to your goals. 

The creation of a custom website allows you to win the bet of originality and uniqueness of your image and brand by distinguishing you from your competition. 

Our web agency can help you succeed in creating your custom website. Add an infinite number of high-end features to build your audience loyalty and maximize your results. 

Working with our web agency and our web design experts will allow you to maximize your customers’ experience for more transformation. To achieve this, we put a special emphasis on the following: 

  • Design, through a strategic and complete artistic approach 
  • Functionality, by optimizing your website for optimal "responsive" display for all mobile devices (iOS and Android) 
  • The development of your website with the web technology best suited to your situation 
  • Functional testing and quality assurance 
  • The security of your data and the continuous maintenance of your website. 

To give you all the autonomy necessary for the management of your website, all the websites designed by our web agency are made to measure and are thus systematically self-managed. This means that the creation of a website with Oshara web agency also involves the development of a content management system (CMS). 

Take advantage of our expertise in website design today by talking to one of our agency specialists.


Having a website brings you several advantages. No matter if you are a business, an association or an individual, you will find something to gain. A website brings you or your company visibility on the web, notoriety, or credibility. You make yourself accessible to more people, whether you are looking for customers, an audience or other, this is probably the way that will get you the best results. In addition, you can increase your chances of communicating with other people, or increase your chances of selling, if that is your goal. Just remember that depending on your goal, having a website can certainly help you.

The price of creating a website is variable, costs can range from a few hundred Canadian dollars or euros to several thousand. There are several types of websites, depending on your needs, you will be charged totally different prices. The more sophisticated your website is in technology and functionality, the more it will cost. However, the real question to ask yourself is: is it a good investment? Remember that at Oshara Inc, the Montreal based web agency, we adapt to your budget. We have experience with both small and large organizations, which makes us the ideal agency to create your website.

Yes, Oshara Inc. is a Montreal based web agency that improves or creates websites. There are many reasons to change your website and maybe this is the case for you. If your website is outdated, has technical problems or your competitor is gaining customers, but you are not, it may be time to update your website. Give your website a makeover with Oshara and become more successful than ever on the web. Remember that on the Internet everything is faster, in order to stay competitive, you need to update your website every three years on average.

The price of improving a website is variable, the costs can range from a few hundred Canadian dollars or euros to several thousand. There are several types of website upgrades and depending on your needs, you will be charged totally different prices. The more sophisticated your upgrade is in technology and new features, the more it will cost. However, the real question to ask yourself is: is it a good investment? Remember that at Oshara Inc, the Montreal based web agency, we adapt to your budget. We have experience with both small and large organizations, which makes us the ideal agency to improve your website.

Custom developed websites can be made specifically for your business. They can better present your product, have a more diverse tool which will help you with your sales and direct contact with your customers. Integration of different tools, apps, lists, CRM etc are also a great advantage which help you to better generate leads and position your brand on the market.

Because we have over a decade of experience with custom website development. We have worked with some of the most recognizable brands around like Ford, Tata, Bell, EY and so on. Our developers are amongst the most skillful and flexible guys in coding and they juggle multiple coding languages. This gives us the confidence that we will be able to help you with your project.

We can develop your website or app on multiple platforms or with different coding languages, depending on your needs. We are experts in the following: Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, WordPress, HTML 5, Python, PHP/MYSQL, AngularJS, Node.js, Vue.js, JavaScript and so on. We will find the easiest and cheapest way to develop your website, oh and on time.

We can help you in any stage of the custom website development. From the initial idea and the concept you have about your website to the final solution and integrations.You can also bring over a website that you have tried to make yourself or somebody made for you and we will modify it to work better. Coding is our passion so you ask us anything you want and we will try to help you with all our knowledge and experience.

Our technology stack


  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • CodeIgniter
  • Python


  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Tailwind
  • Angular
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel Mix
  • npm
  • Yarn
  • Webpack


  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Facebook
  • Algolia
  • Sendgrid
  • Google Maps
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager


  • AWS
  • Digital Ocean
  • Apache
  • CI/CD

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