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The digitalization of a company without taking by a website is something complicated nowadays. In fact, after creating a website, it is essential to give it a good visibility. Only after that, you will be able to fully enjoy your digital business. For your Lanaudiere-based business, the solution to getting a lot of traffic to your site is SEO.

For people who are not familiar with it, SEO or natural referencing can seem quite complicated to understand. However, when you are assisted by professionals in the field, no problem arises. That's why Oshara offers its expertise in digital marketing to entrepreneurs in Lanaudière.

What do we mean by SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, which is the French term for search engine optimization. It should be noted that search engines represent portals giving access to a multitude of products or services on the Internet.

A multitude of suppliers or companies can offer the same products or services on the Internet. The search engines (Google by excellence), therefore take advantage of the opportunity to sell the best positions to some websites. This is called paid referencing or Search Engine Advertising (SEA). This type of referencing is contrary to the natural one which is the subject of our article.

Indeed, the SEO is a combination of techniques that allows to position a website among the first positions in the search results. These various techniques are known to the professional team of the Oshara agency. For your Lanaudière-based company, wishing to expand its customer network, you can rely on the agency to improve your visibility on search engines.

Types of referencing offered by Oshara Agency

Oshara Agency offers two main types of SEO: ON-SITE SEO and OFF-SITE SEO.


This type of SEO is the set of optimization processes applied directly on the website. The goal is the same: to promote a place in the display of results to improve visibility. To succeed in this type of referencing, certain elements are essential.


The keyword is the query that a user enters in a search engine to get a service or a product. It can be a word or a set of words. They are very important for companies because they serve as indicators. These companies know the words used by Internet users to search for their products or services. These words must necessarily appear in the content of companies to appear in the search results made by Internet users.

Html tags (meta description, title...)

They are also known as headings or titles. They can also be alternative texts or others. Whatever the case, the use of tags is a guarantee of text clarity and ease of reading content. These tags mention important information for search engines that use bots to decipher the content of web pages.

Site loading speed

In order for a site to have a high volume of traffic, its loading time must be very short. Otherwise, the users will not have the patience to wait for your site to take a considerable time to load. Otherwise, the site will be poorly visited and will lose its visibility. Therefore, you should have a good hosting and minimize widgets and plug-ins to have a high loading speed.

URL structure

The URL or Uniform Resource Locator refers to the exact address of a page, a file, an image or other on the Internet. URLs must be relevant and simple for a quality user experience.

Optimized image

Optimized images are used for SEO. Their advantage is that they have a small size and can carry a description by their title. This is very important because optimized images are displayed faster and improve the quality of content.

Rich snippets

They are also called rich snippets. They are descriptions that come at the same time as the results. They are used to reinforce the semantic tags used by Google or other search engines to index the content of pages. They have become an inescapable element for SEO since their creation.

Web responsiveness

It refers to the adaptation of a site to all screens. This is very important because nowadays Internet users have several channels to go on the internet: smartphone, desktop computers, etc. With a good responsiveness, you will only improve the user experience of your site.

Internal Linking

It represents the organization of internal links to the site. There are two recognized uses of internal linking on a website. The first use is the fluidity of navigation on the site and the second is the facilitation of the exploration of the content by search engine robots. In short, a good mesh helps a good positioning.

Quality of content

A website is said to be of quality according to the way it deals with the expectations of its visitors in relation to their various concerns. When it does this well, it is guaranteed to have a better positioning and a high volume of traffic.

Robots.txt files

This type of file is the basis of the website on the internet. It tells the search engine bots which pages they can explore and which ones they don't want to see. These files guide the bots to avoid the exploration of reproduced content for example.

User Experience

Also called User Experience in English, the user experience refers to the appreciation that the user has when going on your website. It provides information on the quality of the user's journey during the time he spends on your site.

OFF-SITE referencing

It is possible to give more visibility to a site by directing another site to it. The different processes allowing to do this are classified under the name of off-site referencing. These different processes are :

The competitive benchmark

It allows to follow the different competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses. For a digital company, having an eye on its competitors will help it to improve and adjust its marketing campaign. It is carried out in five points: the critical self-assessment, the study themes and the targeting of the criteria, the selection of competitors (not more than five), the collection of data and finally the comparison of the positioning gaps.

Backlinks and netlinking

Netlinking is a referencing technique consisting in increasing the number of hyperlinks leading to a web page from sites where the target audience can be found. It also takes into account outgoing and external links. We speak then of backlinks.

Social links

Social networks are spaces where millions of people are present, you can make typical audiences. The presence of links on these social spaces, which can redirect to your site can improve your visibility and increase your traffic.

Oshara agency for your SEO

For a good visibility in search engine results, the natural referencing of your site should be entrusted to the Oshara agency. The results that get the most clicks on search engines are the ones that appear first when the user puts his request in the search bar. It is therefore important that your site be included in the search results. The Oshara agency is an expert in natural referencing and could help you to reach your objectives.

By entrusting the natural referencing of your website to this agency, you are sure to have a quality result at a lower cost. The referencing on the Google search engine requires the mastery of a certain number of criteria. In fact, Google is constantly evolving and the experts of this agency are constantly informed about this. Do not hesitate to contact this agency for a better positioning of your company in Lanaudiere.


By entrusting the SEO of your website to our experts you choose the simplest and most effective method for you. You will get faster results by using our agency and better performance. Your return on investment will be much higher because we have a lot of experience in this field. Oshara web agency, based in Montreal, adapts to your budget to improve the natural referencing of your website, so don't hesitate to contact us. Choosing Oshara means saving time to take care of your customers and be sure to stay competitive on the web.

First, having a website is good but if nobody visits it, it's not very useful. With the internet everything is moving fast, and to stay competitive you need to appear on the first page of Facebook searches. That's why Oshara, the Montreal based web agency, increases your visibility on the internet by giving your site more relevant visits, and therefore more customers ready to buy your products and/or services. Today, and even more so since the pandemic, you can't escape using the internet to grow your business. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

The most used tool to follow the progress of your SEO is Facebook Analytics. Thanks to this platform, you will have access to a lot of data about your website. Moreover, by choosing Oshara web agency, based in Montreal, our experts will give you a weekly report on the progress of your SEO by detailing the progress they have noticed and the tasks they have accomplished during the week. Our SEO specialists are there to support you and help you understand so that you can maintain, if you wish, your search engine ranking in the long term yourself.

Improving your SEO is not an easy task, especially if you are just starting out. Perhaps you have already tried to optimize your SEO yourself without getting results. This is common, don't worry. However, by calling on our SEO experts at Oshara, the Montreal-based web agency, you will get much better results much faster. We know all the secrets to get your website on the first page of Facebook search by adapting your content and illustrating it, targeting potential customers, and differentiating yourself from your competitors. So, act now, contact us.

SEO can make you king of your niche (at least on Google). This means that your website will rank better than anyone else and people will presume that you have the best product. This will enormously increase your traffic and revenue, multiple times. There have been examples where companies grew their revenue by 16 times, but we promise that we will at least double it. There is nothing to lose with SEO, but a lot to gain.

First results can be seen within weeks. You will start to get more visits and customers will find your product easier when searching for it. Depending on the saturation of your niche with other producers you can start appearing on the first page within 2 months. After 4-6 months of continual SEO optimization you will start getting into the first 8 results. This will help you build your brand awareness, get more traffic and in most cases double or triple your revenue.

There are different strategies that work for different companies depending on the product they are trying to sell. We first need to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and then make a SEO strategy that we will follow. Usually we will need to modify your content, from titles and paragraph length to visuals and word density. We would also use geo tagging your media and links so you get more local customers and promote your brand.

Yes, in fact that is the whole point of SEO. The SEO philosophy is to fight with the bigger guys in the market, fight smart and win. So by following the practices of Google and knowing what it’s algorithm wants we will tailor our content so we rank better than others. One of the first things we do is setting up the budget and results expectation. Then we push as much as we can so we can fight against the bigger guys and win. We are the digital David fighting Goliath, join us.

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