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You are looking to expand, digitize your business, reach new customers, and make it accessible to all? Oshara can help you create your online store.

Did you know that in 2020 the use of online stores by consumers has almost doubled?  In a period where e-commerce is soaring and breaking records, you must seize the opportunity. With Oshara's help, start creating your online store today and become accessible to more customers.

What is an online store?

An online store, also known as an e-commerce site, is a website that displays your products and services, as well as all the information your customers need to differentiate you from the competition and choose you. With an e-commerce site, your company will have the opportunity to sell its products or services on a larger scale by making it accessible to a new clientele or by retaining your existing clientele. 

Why create your online store?

In 2021, it is essential to adapt to your customers. By modernizing your approaches and innovating, you will expand your customer base and increase your chances of selling. Here are some of the benefits of creating an online store:

  • Be competitive: This may be the key your business is missing to stay competitive or gain market share over your competition.
  • Sell more: This is an opportunity for your business to be accessible to more customers, and therefore, increase your revenues.
  • 24/7: Don't be constrained by time, your online store is always accessible to everyone.
  • Shop with peace of mind: Offer the comfort of accessibility to all your customers to encourage purchases.
  • More visibility: Having an online presence is advertising.

Seizing the opportunity is to create your online store:

If you're already a merchant, it's time for you to digitize your business to access a larger customer base and offer a seamless online experience to your customers.

Or if you want to launch your business online as soon as possible with success, it is time for you to make your products and services accessible to your targeted customers.

To open to e-commerce is to put all the chances on your side. Give yourself the means to increase your sales, your customer list, and your income.

Oshara guides you in creating your E-Commerce website:

With experts in online store creation and natural referencing (link to SEO article), you will be able to see your project come to fruition.

Oshara offers you its expertise by adapting its e-commerce solutions to design a high-quality transactional platform while integrating the appropriate tools to allow you to have an efficient management. We align ourselves with your vision and your short, medium and long-term objectives to decide on the best e-commerce technology to use to realize your project.

With our online store creation specialists, you can manage the system easily and improve your business performance by increasing your sales while offering an optimal digital experience to your customers.

Oshara makes your online store a reality:

Oshara focuses on what matters to meet your expectations. Our experts do:

  1. A marketing analysis of your customer base to know how to adapt to it. Our experts search for your potential customers' keywords so that you can appear in their searches when they are about to buy. You benefit from a visibility with your customers at the right time to encourage a purchase.
  2. An analysis of your needs to create an e-commerce site that corresponds to your sales objectives and the format of your content. Also benefit from a content management system (CMS) to be autonomous on the long term in the creation, management, and modifications of your website content.
  3. An analysis of your customers' needs to create an attractive e-commerce website that facilitates their navigation, improves their experience, and thus encourages their purchases.
  4. The development of a website that represents you, to attract your customers and match the design of the website to your brand image, while following an established strategy.
  5. Our SEO experts make your online store more visible and easily accessible on Google by adapting to the algorithm.

Oshara focuses on the quality of your online store:

Our agency consists of web designers, developers, web marketing specialists and SEO experts who work as a team to make your project a success.

Our specialists implement an optimized virtual vision of your products by adapting to your brand, offering an e-commerce site that is easy to use, intuitive and accessible on all devices. In addition, Oshara ensures a secure and reliable site for your customers to purchase through.

Oshara accompanies you in the creation, the use, and the follow-up of your e-commerce website. We are always listening to your needs and expectations to adapt to your project and be consistent with your brand image. We update you on the progress of your online store, advise you and solicit you for final decisions.

Take all the chances, choose Oshara:

Contact Oshara now, a web agency specialized in the creation of custom online stores based in Montreal.

Take advantage of a free consultation with one of our specialists. Benefit from our expertise, our advice and discover how to create your e-commerce site. 

Let’s talk about your web with a free consultation.


At Oshara, a web agency based in Montreal, we do our best to bring your online store creation project to life. If your project includes the translation of your content into one or more languages, then we hope to be up to the task. If you would like to add French or English to your online store, we are ready to act so contact us now. Otherwise, if you wish to translate your content into another language, please contact us directly to see if we can handle your project.

Having an online store brings you several advantages. No matter if you are a small or a big business, you will find something to gain, and even more since the pandemic. An online store brings you visibility on the web, notoriety, and credibility. You make yourself accessible to more people all the time, whether you are looking for new customers or to retain your customers, this is probably the way that will get you the best results. In addition, you can increase your chances of communicating with your customers, as well as increase your chances of selling.

The time it takes to create or improve your online store is variable, it can take a few weeks to several months. Depending on whether you want to create your online store or improve it, you will have to wait more or less time for the result to be perfect. The more sophisticated your requirements are in terms of technology and new features, the longer it will take us to build. However, the real question to ask yourself is: is it a good investment? Remember that at Oshara Inc, the Montreal based web agency, we adapt to you. We have experience with both small and large organizations, which makes us the ideal agency to create or improve your online store in a time frame that suits you.

Because we have over a decade of experience in custom online store development. We have worked with some of the most famous brands like Ford, Tata, Bell, EY, etc. Our developers are some of the most skilled and flexible in coding and they juggle multiple coding languages. This gives us the confidence that we will be able to help you with your project.

The price of the improvement or the creation of a website is variable, the costs can go from a few hundred Canadian dollars or euros to several thousands. Depending on your needs, you will be charged totally different prices. The more sophisticated your upgrade is in technology and new features, the more it will cost you. However, the real question to ask yourself is: is it a good investment? Remember that at Oshara Inc, the Montreal based web agency, we adapt to your budget. We have experience with both small and large organizations, which makes us the ideal agency to improve your website.

Indeed, Oshara Inc. is a Montreal-based web agency that improves or creates online stores. There are many reasons to change your online store and maybe this is your case. If your online store is outdated, has technical problems or your competitor is gaining customers, but you are not, it may be time to update your online store. Give your platform a makeover with Oshara and become more successful than ever on the web. Remember that on the Internet everything is faster, in order to stay competitive, you need to update your site regularly.

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