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Custom Website creation to distinguish yourself from the competition and increase your traffic.

The possibilities of the web are infinite and our expertise is very broad and mastered. This is why we are confident that we can imagine and develop for you, platforms and websites tailored to your business challenges.

The creation of a custom website allows you to win the bet of the originality and uniqueness of your image and trademark by distinguishing you from your competition.

With the creation of a custom website, you can add an infinite number of complex functionalities allowing you to build audience loyalty and maximize your results.

Thanks to our experts, the creation of your custom website will allow you to offer your customers an exceptional digital experience. To achieve this, we put special emphasis on the following:

  • Design, through a strategic and above all comprehensive artistic approach
  • Functionality, by optimizing your website for an optimal "responsive" display for all mobile devices (IoS and Android)
  • The development of your website with the web technology best suited to your situation
  • Functional and Quality Assurance tests
  • The security of your data as well as the continuous maintenance of your website.

In order to give you all the necessary autonomy for the management of your website, all our tailor-made websites are systematically self-managed. This means that the creation of a website at Oshara also involves the development of a content management system or CMS.

So take advantage of our expertise in website creation today by talking to one of our specialists.


Custom developed websites can be made specifically for your business. They can better present your product, have a more diverse tool which will help you with your sales and direct contact with your customers. Integration of different tools, apps, lists, CRM etc are also a great advantage which help you to better generate leads and position your brand on the market.

Because we have over a decade of experience with custom website development. We have worked with some of the most recognizable brands around like Ford, Tata, Bell, EY and so on. Our developers are amongst the most skillful and flexible guys in coding and they juggle multiple coding languages. This gives us the confidence that we will be able to help you with your project.

We can develop your website or app on multiple platforms or with different coding languages, depending on your needs. We are experts in the following: Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, WordPress, HTML 5, Python, PHP/MYSQL, AngularJS, Node.js, Vue.js, JavaScript and so on. We will find the easiest and cheapest way to develop your website, oh and on time.

We can help you in any stage of the custom website development. From the initial idea and the concept you have about your website to the final solution and integrations.You can also bring over a website that you have tried to make yourself or somebody made for you and we will modify it to work better. Coding is our passion so you ask us anything you want and we will try to help you with all our knowledge and experience.

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