With our customized software and digital strategies, you have strong growth opportunities. Whether your goals are to increase sales, improve internal processes and team collaboration. Or whether you just need to automate repetitive tasks, be able to accurately monitor and evaluate for more effective management of all your activities, we can help you.


custom architecture

Just like the foundation of a house or a building, the proper functioning of a digital product or strategy strongly depends on its initial architecture.
To save you time and money, we always choose the technologies that best fit your business and needs.
For us, the success of any project is as much the result of a conflict process as it is the expression of a simple consensus.

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Systems development

Whether it is a web or mobile application, with a technology app you are guaranteed to improve your communication and performance. By using a tool developed with specific functionalities to your activity, you facilitate but especially accelerate the way you interact with your collaborators and your customers.
If you still have manual and repetitive tasks and processes to run your business, increase your Return On Investment (ROI) with an application that automates and accelerates your workflow..
At OSHARA, we first take the time to listen to you and understand your goals and challenges, and then we develop the application technology that is best suited to your needs and growth

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Responsive Web Site

Use our expertise to create and improve your web pages (whether it is a design for Shopify, WordPress, portfolio,Blog etc). Choose high quality and professional designs to attract your customers' attention and convert them.
Today, more than 80% of Internet traffic is carried from mobile devices (smartphone, ipad, etc.). If your current website does not intuitively adapt to your users' mobile screens, you risk losing them to your competition.
At OSHARA, we think Mobile First. This means that all our sites are designed and developed to automatically adapt to all interfaces, thus improving the customer experience and thus increasing your customer conversion potential.
Whether it is a corporate, transactional (eCommerce) or informative website, be sure to respect mobile standards to increase your traffic and your chances of success on the web.

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When you sell your products on marketplaces or directly to your customers through your online store, you systematically increase your revenues.
Did you know that in 2017, online sales reached a record high of over two (2) billion dollars.
Ecommerce is a gold mine and if you already have a business. More over,the survival of your business necessarily passes by an optimized online presence of a transactional site to reach often unlimited potential customer.

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Reporting & Analytics

Men lie, women lie, but never numbers. We therefore strive to carefully and efficiently analyze the data we collect (via tools such as google analytics) to act, anticipate and facilitate your decision-making.
Reporting and analytics are key exercises to understand how to improve your processes, your offer and clearly your results.

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test & QA

The assurance of an excellent quality of the product and services we offer youshould not be taken lightly.
In order to guarantee you quality, the tools we develop are expose tunumerous tests because we understand thatcustomers are less and less loyal and do not hesitate to turn to a competitor offering a better product.
Our objective is therefore not only to design, but above all to guarantee you better results.

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Email marketing

Still among the best communication and sales tools, a good email strategy makes your work easier and saves you time and money. We produce, plan, organize and strategically send publications and campaigns to your various clients.
Did you know that 91% of Internet users check their e-mail boxes at least once a day? Making e-mail marketing a marketing solution is not to be neglected and the experts says that it remains the most effective way to get loyalty, conversion and it will allow you to keep a direct and privileged link with your customers.

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Strategic Planning

When we talk about strategic planning, we are talking about setting specific medium- and long-term objectives plus explaining the basic strategies for achieving them.
It is essential to prepare the future of your business, but this process may seem long and complex.
A communication plan in line with the strategy that effectively supports you in your objectives is what we offer. We work with you and implement innovative solutions to ensure your success.

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Brand Strategy

Always linked to a good strategic planning, a brand strategy is your brand's DNA. It is therefore crucial to know yourself well enough in order to establish communications in adequacy with your needs and your sector of activity.
A brand strategy is often a tedious process, but if it is well developed the return on investment (ROI) is assured. Your brand strategy necessarily impacts your communication strategy and we are here to support you in this step.

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Content Strategy

Your content is your DNA. It allows you to present your personality, your qualities and your motivations to consumers in order to stand out from your competition.
A good content strategy always improves your position in search engines.
Whatever your field of activity, content is the element never to be neglected if you hope to have conclusive results.
At OSHARA Inc, we always recommend establishing a content strategy even before the marketing stage, because it is much easier to produce when you know what people are looking for.

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Referencing and Advertising (SEO/SEM/PPC)

Why settle for a single communication channel, when it is possible to reach new audiences thanks to innovative techniques. SEO, Advertising and Pay-Per-Click are techniques of referencing which we have the control.

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Social Network Management

Today, social networks represent important supports in any communication strategy. They have the power to create strong and engaged communities around your brand, in addition to promoting your goods and services.
Good management also implies the use of appropriate monitoring tools and software corresponding to your company and your needs.
By subscribing to our services, get:

  • a personalized strategy for social media
  • a digital communication plan (editorial calendar)
  • online campaign management
  • content production
  • the organisation of competitions
  • tracking the performance of your campaigns
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Corporate identity


Branding is the materialization of all the spirit of your brand through consistent visuals and strict rules. It is the DNA of your brand, the process that allows your brand to create in its audience a sense of certainty that a given need is being met.
Through precise rules and graphic elements, we work with you to ensure that your image is attractive, distinctive and unique.

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Design UI/UX

Design is not just what it looks like, but how it works. Good design enhances the customer experience. When we create, our goal is to make it easy for your customers to adopt your services and build loyalty to your brand.
For your brand, our design solutions meet your needs

  • Computer graphics
  • Logotype
  • Packaging
  • Product shapes
  • Web site

And much more.

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Video Content

Today, video is undoubtedly the most popular means of communicating on the Internet to capture the attention of Internet users. In January 2018, YouTube alone had a total of 1.57 billion users with more than five (5) billion videos viewed per day and 80% of consumer Internet traffic by 2019.
Thanks to our expertise and by using our studios and tools, you can be sure to boost your notoriety.

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Writing is one thing. Writing well, however, is crucial and many fail to do so. We use effective writing techniques that give users essential information quickly by meeting their pressing needs.
You may have the right message, but if it is delivered by the wrong messenger, you are no further ahead in your strategy and in achieving your goals.
We have creative and passionate writing experts to think, prepare and write exclusive content to extend your reach and help you achieve your goals.

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