We have developed a fully customized web application that integrates innovative features to perfectly meet the needs to be fulfilled: send phone refills in a few clicks to an international phone number, regardless of the GSM cellular network used.


TSD TELECOM is a company that offers you a quick, easy, and reliable way to recharge phone credit, for family and friends back home in Africa.



TSD Telecom is a platform and a web application that allows its users to send mobile top-ups to any country in Africa. Mobile top-up is a credit system that allows you to top-up a subscriber's phone plan regardless of the cellular network.

This innovative web application allows the instant transfer of phone credits from one country to another in just few steps. Just create an account, set your payment source and you are ready to top up the phone credit of the person of your choice. Oshara automated as many tasks as possible, including integrating API Twilio, Drip, Hubspot, Stripe and Paypal. His role was as much focused on the marketing side of the project (E-CRM & email automation) as on the implementation of a list of advanced custom features.



In this project, we had to create and develop the website of TSD Telecom by integrating all the services in the simplest and most concise way for any internet user.

We have created a customized and self-managed website whose contents have been carefully created to meet the demand and interest of TSD Telecom customers.

On the TSD Telecom website, you will find different tabs available to the general public, a login/sign up area, a connection area, a section for promotions, and many other elements allowing customers to grasp the relevance of the service offered to create the desire and action to use the application.


Of course, if a user can create an account from the TSD Telecom website and manage this account from the web app, it's because an administrator interface has been designed for that. Thanks to different management interfaces and levels of the authority of each user, customers, vendors, and administrators can respectively and securely access the information dedicated to them without any risk of data conflict but especially in compliance with the terms and conditions of the platform.

Thanks to a large and solid database, we have developed several lists with different functionalities.

 The "Customer" list, for example, shows the names of customers who have already used the service from the web platform, and therefore have already sent cell phone credits to a specific country.

The "Price management" list allows an administrator to access the transactions of sending phone credits made by a user by indicating the amount, the recipient, and much more.

Each dashboard that we have created is very complete and our web developers have even integrated the ability to customize messages to contact users of a specific database (eg to contact only customers who have sent phone credits to Benin or another country).


This feature of the TSD Telecom web application is particularly interesting and has been carefully developed to allow an administrator to pay his "Resellers". To do so it's very simple, the administrator in his interface sets a % of the profit on the resales of the credits of his resellers and they will automatically receive their commission for each sale they make.

 Plus the administrator can add as many resellers by entering in his database an amount that the latter can then use to distribute its phone credits.


TSD Telecom


Web Site Creation



TSD Telecom Mockup 1
TSD Telecom Mockup 2