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TSD Telecom is a telecom platform that allows you to send mobile top-ups from any country in Africa. A mobile top-up is a credit system that allows you to top up a phone package.

This application facilitates the transfer of credits from one country to another immediately in just a few steps, the goal is only to create an account, configure from your payment source and then top up the phone credit of the person of your choice.



Our mission was to create and develop TSD Telecom's website by inserting a multitude of different services.
The website was designed to offer a fluid and uncluttered content to TSD Telecom customers.

Different tabs accessible to the general public are available, a space for creation, connection, promotions and others to allow customers to better understand the service and exploit its advantages in all simplicity.


Oshara Inc has also created an administrator DashBoard for the TSD Telecom service. This allows access to a large database:
This gives access to a number of lists with various functionalities. A customer list for example, the most "general" or includes the names of customers who have already used the service from the web platform, and therefore, by definition, have already sent credits to a previously selected country.

More specific lists, such as Price Management, where the administrator can access the credit transactions made by a user from one country to another, with the amount and recipient, useful to keep a record of the transaction.

The dashboard created by Oshara INC is very complete. Our web developers have also provided the ability to customize messages and contact users from a specific database (for example, by only contacting customers who have sent phone credits to Benin, or another country).


Finally, another very interesting feature is implemented there: The Reseller, or re-seller.

Because yes, the platform can also be accessible to the reseller part, it does not only include the fact of being a simple user who wants to send phone credits. The administrator sets a % profit on the resale of credits that a reseller will make.

The administrator can add a reseller thanks to this interface, he enters his database and the reseller gets an amount of profit higher than the amount paid, he can then distribute his phone credits.