QUICKIE App for Studios

The QuickIe web app for studios web app was developed to meet the needs of appointment scheduling and inventory management for a multimedia production studio company. Our software and app solution makes it possible to integrate in one tool all these functionalities:


1- Session Booking

Quickie web app is a web software that makes it fast to book an appointment by providing you with custom and intuitive system to record the data information whenever they are talking to a client. In just couple mouse clicks, record all the data you need from your clients to complete any type of booking.

2- Confirmation Email

Like our client, we are very much Customer Experience & UX centric. With this custom web app, everytime there is a session booking, the client automatically receive a confirmation email with all the important details, all customizable. It is then easier for both parties to minimize confusion and improve your results.

3- Equipment Rental Tracking

Quickie web app was also design to improve the rental of any equipments our client wanted to make available.

4- Electronic Signature

You have the power to edit every user authority, but we also include an electronic signature module to track with precision the authors of every sales completion. This way, it is better to evaluate team performance, errors and reward the best.

5- Remote Access from anywhere

No more need to come in the office to track and evaluate employees and sales reports. Quickie web app makes it's easy to track everything in real time and extract any custom report anywhere and anytime.

Quickie is a web app that we think could help many small business like, blumbers, storage companies and many others.

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