SEO Optimization and targeted Google Ads

Roll Up

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Roll Up is Toronto based personal care products company. They specialize in selling organic and plastic free bamboo toilet paper and tissues. 

They want to make a positive change through selling toilet paper made from natural resources that doesn’t cause deforestation, and also their products are not made with toxic chemicals. Bamboo trees are great for achieving those goals because they grow 30x times faster than regular trees and they don’t need special chemical treatment to make soft white toilet paper out of them.

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The main objective was to get more visits on the website and inform visitors about the advantages of using bamboo toilet paper. The next goal was to drive these visitors through the funnel to a purchasing decision so they will buy the product.
By doing all of this, the customer will get the needed experience of using a bamboo toilet paper, so if the whole process goes smooth, we hope to make them a loyal recurring customers.

The Solution

To achieve Roll Up’s objectives, we conducted a detailed market and competition analysis. We then developed a marketing plan that was a mix of SEO optimization, content creation and targeted advertising campaigns on Google.
We did this through couple of phases and got great results.


SEO Analysis and Optimization

We first did an SEO analysis of the website, we compared the keywords that they were using and those that were used by the competitors. We found keywords that had great potential and were used by our target audience, and by using these keywords in our content we got a lot of targeted customers who were interested in our products and were more likely to make a purchase.


Content Creation

We created new content that was informing the audience of the advantage of using bamboo toilet paper compared to traditional toilet paper. We explained all the benefits like it’s made without the use of plastic, it’s not bleached with hard chemicals, it’s soft and made of organic material. This helps the customers to decide to buy the product because they can understand the difference and why it would be better for them.

We also updated old content or gave suggestions on where content should be updated on the website. Where it should be longer, and use more keywords, where it should be formatted in a certain way, all in the hope to make better SEO which will give us better ranking on Google.


Targeted Advertisement on Google

We made tailored Google Ads for the website and the products of Roll Up. By using the right keywords and properly targeting different regions we managed to get many new people with the advertisements. We optimized the marketing budget to make sure that we are getting the best “bang for buck”, and the whole things was a massive success because we doubled our visits and sales.


By doing SEO optimization, creating content and targeted Google advertising, we managed to get great results for Roll Up website visits and sales.

Indeed, just in the last two months we were able to generate an increase of:

  • More than 85% increase in number of Users
  • More than 92% percent of those users were New Users
  • Average time spent by users on website 2 minutes 44 seconds
  • Average 11 session per visit
  • Double the revenue, that is 120% of the original revenue
  • Every metric has exceeded the expectation set in the beginning

In conclusion, Roll Up’s SEO optimization and advertising campaign succeeded in reaching their goal by attracting many new clients and doubling their sales. They also managed to educate their customers and build a solid brand image.