We created a platform for Mathematica that would accommodate online students to take their exams and practice as well as the teachers from the schools that encourage participation in these competitions.


Mathematica Centrum is the Mathematical Competition Center that prepares some of the best mathematical competitions in North America.


In the context of the COVID-19 crisis and a constant desire to use technology to achieve their goals, Mathematica Centrum asked us to develop a web app for them that would allow their students to practice and take their exams online. The web app would also help teachers encourage participation in various competitions.

The Solution

Obviously, when it comes to technology and particularly web app development, there are few limits to what our team is capable of achieving. We were able to functionally model the desired tool before fully developing the app.

Developed Features

The Mathematica web app integrates the following:  

- 3 levels of access: Administrator, Student and Teacher who have different roles and therefore different actions respectively once connected. 

- An interface now conducive to online exams for students in compliance with the rules. 

- The ability to host thousands of students and teachers simultaneously without risking the security of the data collected. 

- Ergonomics of use to promote the best working conditions and enhance the user experience

- The ability to customize the dashboard and reports.


With a custom web development of this application using several programming languages such as Lavarel and Php, we are pleased to have created a web-based solution and an administrator interface that allows Mathematica to easily manage its users, schools, exams, and teachers while being able to analyze their competition results and performance.





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