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Updated at 27/01/2023

You've probably gone to a lot of hard work to get somebody to join your email subscriber list. But are they then ignoring your emails or even unsubscribing almost as soon as they've signed up? Email marketing is still the most effective form of online marketing. So you don't want to give up on building your email list. We at our web development agency know this very well.

You have to take care with your email list. Treat everyone on it as a potential customer, because that's what they are.


If your emails are not getting responded to, reassess your offers and check for errors in your autoresponder delivery process. Having said that, don't get embroiled in the "They'll unsubscribe if I send too many emails." There will be unsubscribers regardless of what you do. The loyal customers will always remain, so let the non-buyers filter themselves out.


People signed up to your list because they believed that you provided value. They will ignore you or unsubscribe if all you do is send them sales messages. Yes, you will have to send some sales messages but also send them special rewards, giveaways, bonus deals and discounts. Make them feel they are valued for opening and reading your emails.

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The subject line of your email is vital to get your email subscribers to open the email. Make sure your subject lines are appealing and not commonly used ones. Don't trick people into opening your email with a subject line that doesn't deliver what it promises. That's a sure way to lose the trust of your subscribers.


It's much better to have fewer subscribers that are really targeted than to have thousands of untargeted subscribers who will hardly ever buy from you. If you have various offers for different niche markets, segment your email lists to make sure you send the most targeted offers to the appropriate audience.


People become your email subscribers because they want to know more about you and your products and services. If you just aimlessly send out emails, occasionally with information with a sales offer thrown in from time to time, your messages may seem to be unorganized and ambiguous. A solid email marketing sales funnel guides your email subscribers through a pre-planned series so that they get all the information they need, in the correct order and leads them to want to buy from you.


Once a subscriber has requested to receive your emails, start with a welcome message thanking them and confirming their subscription. This is also an opportunity to request that they add your email address to their approved senders list so your emails don’t end up in their junk or spam folders.

The welcome email is also a good occasion for revealing what subscribers can expect from their list membership as far as what kind of content they can anticipate and how often they can expect to see emails from your company.
You can also provide them contact information should they need to get in touch due to any issues, and inform them how to adjust their email preferences or opt-out if they decide they no longer want to receive messages from you. So try to leave a good impression with the first mail on your email subscribers.


The most common reason why people unsubscribe from email marketing lists is the amount of emails they receive. Many companies send the same emails far too frequently, frustrating subscribers and compelling them to opt-out. As mentioned above, upon sending the welcome email, give your subscribers the ability to manage their email preferences and customize the content they want to receive from you and how often. This puts your contacts in control and creates a degree of understanding between you and them instead of disregarding your contacts’ preferences and inundating them with annoying messages on an hourly basis.

Maintaining your subscriber list will help your company follow CAN-SPAM compliance and prevent you from losing contacts altogether when volume or content becomes an issue. If your company has invested in a reputable email service provider (ESP) or marketing automation platform, it has integrated subscription management functionality that works as long as it’s enabled.

Be active on your mails


Research conducted by Emailmonday and Zettasphere has provided a glimpse into why people aren’t opting out from your pool and spa emails. This is what they found:

Sometimes the email offers interest a subscriber (37 percent).

The subscriber thinks he or she may shop with you again (24 percent).
The subscriber couldn’t be bothered to unsubscribe (21 percent).
The subscriber fears he or she may miss a service notification (7 percent).
The subscriber doesn’t trust the opt-out process (6 percent).
The subscriber simply doesn’t know how to do so (5 percent).

Yes Lifecycle Marketing also recently posed a similar question: Why are consumers staying subscribed to emails they don’t read?

The subscriber reads the subject line and then decides whether he or she wants to open it (42 percent).
The subscriber likes to receive free things on his or her birthday, anniversary, etc. (32 percent).
The subscriber doesn’t open the email ever (24 percent).
The subscriber is too busy to hit unsubscribe (18 percent).
The subscriber can’t find the unsubscribe button (15 percent).
The subscriber unsubscribes from emails they don’t read (14 percent).
The retailer asks too many questions prior during the unsubscribe process (12 percent).

If you need any help with your marketing or want to find ways to retain your subscribers don't hesitate to contact our web development agency. We are the best web development & marketing guys in Montreal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choose topics that interest them, send messages regularly but only, if necessary, adapt to them and be welcoming.

Because your content does not interest them, or you are doing a poor job of getting their attention.

- You send too many sales messages - You send too many messages - Your topics are boring - You're getting spammed - You don't adapt to your audience

- Monitor the frequency of emails - Send the welcome email - Have a proven sales funnel - Remember your target audience - Choose topics that interest them - Don't send continuous sales messages

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