Website maintenance importance

Why is website maintenance so important?

by Sidick Allaladé on 14/09/2021 |

Updated at 21/09/2021

Nowadays, the importance of having a website is more and more understood, however it is still not obvious to understand that it is necessary to keep it in good condition.

Let's say you have a business that has a street address, you will certainly keep your premises in a clean state, by sweeping, vacuuming, mopping etc... 

Otherwise, I doubt very much that your customers will come back to visit you or make referrals to your company. I can't imagine the odors, dirt and germs if your premises are not maintained :)

Another example would be your car, even if it's new, you still need to do some maintenance on it (e.g. oil change) to keep it running well.

Well, it's pretty much the same for a website, regular updates and maintenance of your website are crucial to keep your website running smoothly and efficiently.

The reasons to maintain a website are different such as to boost your website traffic (your SEO), to increase the number of new visitors, to improve the experience of your users etc...

Although these reasons may be more or less important in the case of your business, one that remains important for any self-respecting business is security.

1- The security of your website

Security is the main reason why website maintenance is important. Whether your business uses a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other, you need to make sure your website gets software patches and security updates.

Even if your website is made with a framework such as Laravel, Codeigniter, etc., you should also make sure that your website is getting framework patches and security updates.

If you fail to do this, you will have the unpleasant surprise of getting hacked, and who says hacker, says complete loss of your website, stealing data from your website, phishing and the list goes on. But that's not all, Google will certainly know about it and so will your visitors and they won't even have access to your website anymore but rather to a page like 

site hacked

And that's not all, even the visitors who are not looking to go to your website, but who will find you in the searches will get a message like:

"It is possible that this website has been hacked"

Google illustrates it quite well here

2- Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines like Google, Bing etc... improve the ranking of websites that are updated regularly.

And a better ranking increases the visibility of your website, which increases the positioning of your content online in natural searches.

The benefits of SEO are enormous, but this is another expertise and especially a series of good practices to implement continuously.

By the way, you can do the SEO of your website yourself if you do not want to use the SEO services of a specialized web agency such as Oshara.

3- Errors related to your website

It is not uncommon, over time, to have non-functional pages (page 404), due to various reasons (eg: module on the page obsolete etc. ...). Moreover, in a world in constant evolution, it is impossible that you cannot improve or facilitate the navigation of the visitors who come to your website. Customers are the key to any organization, and improving their experience can only benefit you.

Website maintenance is important for all organizations, small, medium or large. 

Regular and proper maintenance of your website will improve its performance and provide a more secure environment for your visitors.

Contact us if you need help with your web projects, whether it is for a simple consultation with advice, or if you wish to entrust your web project to a web agency that knows how to do it.

Sidick Allaladé

Sidick Allalade, is Chief Technology Officer at Oshara INC and co-founder of the Osortoo web application. He loves solving complex IT problems, coding and everything IT. He has a good knowledge of online marketing and IT Governance, Audit and Security.
His experience spans hundreds of projects with companies of all sizes which makes him a valuable asset on any team.

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