Why is it important to have a website in 2021?

Why is it important to have a website in 2021?

by Joe Shara on 1/05/2019

Updated at 27/01/2023

In 2021, having a website is of utmost importance. Whether it is for your business or to share your passions, a website will be very useful. In this article we will help you understand why you need a website, whether it is personal or professional.

Let's start with a little history

Let's look at some history to better follow. The very first website (info.cern.ch) was created on December 20, 1990 by the research engineer Tim Berners-Lee. At that time, the aim of this scientist was to manage "information" about CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) on a large scale. 29 years later, there are more than a billion websites in the world. The interest for the researcher was to federate CERN's information and to allow researchers from different areas to work in symbiosis.

 And this number is still growing today as we are the happy contemporaries of the fourth global industrial revolution: the digital revolution. Today, there are more than 900 million websites.

This demonstrates the paramount importance of websites in 2021 throughout the world, regardless of your location.

Why do you need a website?

The website is the best way to get known.

A website is today the best way to gain visibility locally and internationally. A website can be visited from anywhere in the world. Thanks to your website, you will reach more than four (4) million potential customers for your business, your activity, your company ... at the scale that suits you best. And the best part is that every day, new users are born, making your market, your opportunities on the web grow.

 In addition, there are web agencies that will help you develop your business to create a professional website. These agencies can also help you improve the SEO of your website. SEO is indeed the action of placing a website on a search engine like Google, Bing, Qwant and others. Thus, to appear in a good position and ideally in first position in the results of search engines, your site must have a good SEO. The better you are positioned, the more visibility you attract and therefore potential customers. In 2021, there are several methods to optimize your SEO. That's why we recommend you call upon a company specialized in SEO to get the best possible results for your professional website on search engines.

A professional website to be closer to your customers

Today with a website, you are closer to your customers. An urgent information to pass on? A small banner on the site will do the trick. You will reduce your communication costs with the added advantage of quickly passing on information to your potential customers, to your target audience (news, innovations, general information...).

Your website allows you to show your products or services to the world for free.

Moreover, you can easily inform your visitors not only about your company's news and promotions, but also about the latest news in your field of expertise thanks to a news section or blog on your website. Note that well-written blog posts can help your site rank well in search engine results. Another advantage is that blogs allow you to build a community around your business. A community that will play a marketing role for you through word of mouth and through the sharing of articles from your website on social networks. You can also maintain discussions with your customers through comments at the bottom of your articles. A customer who feels listened to and trusted is very likely to stay loyal and recommend you.

Moreover, your customers have the possibility to write to you easily via your website thanks to the contact form. On a website, visitors use this form to expose their difficulties on the site or on your services. It can also be a way for your customers to send you their suggestions to improve the customer experience you provide. With the multiplication of connection devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, and others), your proximity to your customers is guaranteed.

Finally, there are several audience analyses tools available nowadays. Thanks to these different tools, you will be able to obtain an excellent lead conversion rate for your company. Indeed, these tools will allow you to collect the tastes and desires of your visitors. Once collected and analyzed, all this information will allow you to know what your visitors like on your website and in your company. This way, you can decide to modify and improve your services to have a better conversion rate of your visitors into customers. After all, one of the main goals of a website is to increase the number of customers of the company and to show visitors the professionalism of the company.

A website to be professional

Today, when a person is looking for a company, the first reflex is to jump on his browser and launch the name of the company or its field of activity in one of the search engines. Then, they make their choice among the different results. If your company is not present on the Internet, it penalizes you and lets your competitors gain more market share. It is therefore very important to stand out from the competition with a website.

Indeed, having a professional website gives you more credibility. The simple fact of having a website increases the notoriety of your company. Because of the design, the speed and the fluidity of your website, the visitor feels more confident and wants to go further and see more. Very often, it only takes a few seconds on your website for a visitor to get an idea of your professionalism. If the visitor finds your name, your contact information, the services you offer on your website, and if the site is beautiful, fluid, and modern, he will give you a lot of credit and feel confident.

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 The professional look of a website gives visitors the impression that the company offers quality services and can easily push them to act. This is a very important factor that should not be neglected. Your sales figures will thank you for it.

On your website, you also have the possibility to share testimonials from your customers. Customer reviews will give your visitors an idea of the customer experience your company offers. Good testimonials will build their trust in you. These can be in the form of text or video. Videos are often more convincing and give you more credibility. And trust means potential customers.

You can also, thanks to an excellent SEO, gain visibility, position yourself well on search engines, improve the visit rate of your online platform and develop at the same time your brand image with your potential customers and prospects. SEO is an aspect not to be neglected for a self-respecting website that wants to generate money.

A website to earn money

A website is today one of the privileged means to make additional income and even have a main source of income in some cases. But how? You will say to me. Well! In several ways.

The blog:

Create a blog with wordpress, blogger etc, be regular and you can earn money from banner ads that you will have integrated into your business website. There are many services offerings to put banners or ads on your site. Visit one of the most popular, Google Adsense! Moreover, if your website is popular, some companies will contact you directly to talk about them, their products, or their services in one of your articles in exchange for a few cents.

Your services

Offer your company's services on your website. For a writer, a graphic designer or an illustrator, a website is the ideal way to offer his services, show his talent thanks to a rich portfolio, articles and reach customers from all over the world. A godsend for all the pros (and future pros J). For more impact, accompany these services with testimonials from your satisfied customers.

The e-commerce sites

This section is well worth a look. The most concrete example of financial success is undoubtedly that of e-commerce sites. These are websites that have been created and developed little by little on the web. Their success is notorious, and their success is without appeal! Amazon, Alibaba, ebay, airbnb and the youngest, Jumia, to name but a few. And their success, becoming viral, can be within the reach of each of us, provided to have been accompanied by a specialized web agency. Note that the owner of Amazon is currently the richest in the world. This gives you an idea of the gold mine that this kind of website represents.

Moreover, a website remains accessible 24 hours a day, which allows visitors to have the information they want regardless of the time but also their geographical location. Finally, you can make sales at any time unlike physical stores. Whether your store is open or not, your website will make you money. This is because our habits have changed, and many people prefer to make purchases on a website and have them delivered rather than going to the store themselves.

In conclusion, having a professional website for your business is very important because it is a tool to develop your business. The website ensures a good communication with your customers and allows you to increase the number of them. No matter the time of day, the geographical location of your visitors, your website will be there to represent you. And why not generate money for you while you are resting or on vacation?

In view of all these advantages, we invite you to take the step and entrust the creation and monitoring of your professional website to a web agency such as Oshara.

Frequently Asked Questions

A website is nowadays one of the privileged means to make additional income and even have a main source of income in some cases.

- Have a blog to attract customers - Make your services visible to more consumers - Host advertising - Have an ecommerce site

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