Why has using google trends in 2022 become essential?

Why has using google trends in 2022 become essential?

by Nicolas Chevillard on 2/06/2022

Updated at 7/02/2023

Google trends was in 2006, it is part of the Google package (Google ads, Google Search Console and Google trends). This one is literally a mine of information for web professionals and especially SEO web professionals. It is thanks to Google trends that we can unearth current and future research trends. It will become essential for you to improve your SEO web referencing and the performance of your website. 

As a web marketing agency, today we are going to explain to you why using Google trends has become essential to use in 2022. And all the possibilities it offers you to improve your website, your Google Ad campaigns and your SEO web referencing. 

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What is Google Trends? 

Google trends is a tool that calculates the number of searches that Internet users carry out on search engines during a given period. It is therefore a formidable tool for SEO web referencing, because it will also allow you to analyze the evolution of the number of searches for a keyword and even offer you other keywords associated with the searches.

Today, placing oneself on too general keywords is no longer profitable since there are far too many competitors. It is therefore more relevant to restrict yourself to long tail keywords for your SEO web referencing, which will generate less traffic, however, this traffic will be highly qualified since they will be looking for something much more specific. This will therefore have the effect of boosting your conversions and improving your SEO web referencing. 

Google trends offers 4 different filters to help you refine your keywords: 

  • Category : There are 25, which allow you to obtain specific results by selecting themes related to the keyword (news, games, health, travel, etc.) 
  • Geography : You can refine the results of a country or a region of a country, it is even possible to compare them. Let's imagine that you are focusing on a particular local business or a foreign business then this option can be interesting. Indeed, a large number of searches are carried out according to seasonality or important holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.)
  • Seasonality : You can choose the date or periods on which you want information on user searches and compare them to each other.
  • Google service : You can choose the section in which your keyword has been typed such as Youtube, Google shopping, Google images, etc. 

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An essential tool for a good SEO web referencing? 

For your SEO web referencing, Google trends will be your ally, because it will allow you to use useful information for your SEO web referencing and for the choice of your online content. This different information will allow you to optimize your titles and URL and therefore your SEO web referencing.

This tool will therefore help you to propel yourself in the search results as well as to keep your good position over the long term. On the other hand, if you are interested in research in progress, you will be able to anticipate the next trends and guide your customers from your new content. Knowing that it is very important today to work on the semantics of your website to have the best possible SEO web referencing, Google trends can help you achieve this, because by comparing two keywords that are identical to yours, you will be able to see which of the two obtains the most search results and therefore you will be able to direct your Google Ads campaign according to its results.

Google trends will be able to provide you with information on 2 other amazing facts. First, you can know which keywords beginners in a field choose for their research and which ones experts choose, and therefore adapt the keywords for your SEO web referencing according to the level of your target. Secondly, you will also sometimes be able to analyze whether it is smarter to place yourself on a misspelled keyword, because it is used a lot more.

Do e-commerce, SEO web referencing and AdWords optimization with Google Trends 

It is possible, thanks to Google trends, to evaluate the expectations of your targets as well as to do Adwords optimization and improve your communication as well as your SEO web referencing on your products or services. As mentioned above, Google trends can help you meet many needs, whether for an online store, SEO web referencing or Google advertisements.

Check seasonal opportunities and trending periods

Google trends, as its name suggests, is based on “trends”, so it will be able to help you find trendy topics or elements in order to benefit from them for your business, create specific content to improve your SEO web referencing and therefore generate more conversion. Indeed, it is not today that the effects of fashions and trends lead to massive research or actions by certain Internet users. This is why Google trends are important, because it helps you anticipate them and prepare you as much as possible to take full advantage of them for your business. 

Google trends will also allow you to anticipate seasonal opportunities, that is to say, it will give you a lot of information on what people are looking to buy for summer or winter by example. This will give you a direction for the procedure to follow in your sales strategy, communication and writing your content for your SEO web referencing.

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The other possibilities of Google Trends 

We are going to discuss some additional tasks that you will be able to carry out with the help of Google trends: 

  • find niches
  • Find related product categories if you want to grow
  • Research keywords to improve your SEO web referencing
  • Sell according to seasonal trends
  • Adapt your content to current trends
  • Improve your reach on Youtube
  • Finding the right time for your Google Shopping ads

Conclusion: Google trends has become essential in 2022, once you get used to this tool you will be able to considerably improve your website with new content and better web referencing.

If you want to know more about the subject or want to improve the performance of your website or simply create one, do not hesitate to consult this  service page or contact us for a free consultation and personalized support for your needs . and your budget. 

We are a web marketing agency and we have been helping entrepreneurs and companies for more than 10 years to succeed in their digital transformation and to have the best possible conversion rates in their field. 

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Nicolas Chevillard

Nicolas is a marketing assistant for Oshara Inc. He is passionate about digital and loves creating content on the theme of marketing and technology to teach you more!

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