Why follow a design process for your software or web applications?

Why follow a design process for your software or web applications?

by Sidick Allaladé on 18/03/2019

Updated at 27/03/2023

Do you want to reduce the development time of your web or application projects? Time being money, I will show you how to save money when carrying out your technological projects, regardless of the type: Mobile application, web application, website, desktop application or server infrastructure.

In January 2019 the web contains more than 1,518,207,412 number of websites according to Mill for Business in the article "How many websites are there in the world?"

But do you know that it is necessary 15 seconds to attract attention from someone on your website. So if you don't do it in less than a quarter of an hour, you've lost them.

This is often due to a lack of planning strategy before you even start designing.

A wise man once said that if you don't plan, then you plan to fail.

This image perfectly illustrates the design of a software, and as you can see, there is a very big difference between the product the customer really needs and what has been achieved.

Software development explained

A good web or software design is not just about aesthetics, but rather about aligning with your company's overall strategy.

p>In the case of a website, it could simply be to make it easier for your visitors to understand your products or services and your brand image through a variety of indicators, including images, videos, text or interactions.

In the case of a web application, it will be a question of allowing your users to meet very specific productivity or other needs.

Further down in detail, an explanation of each of the steps in this image:

How the customer explains it

If the client is not an expert in the field, he often does not know what he needs most, so he explains his problems and what he thinks could help him, or his vision of a solution.

In the case of the image, it explains the need for a system attached to a tree where small tools could be put in.

How the customer explains it

If the client is not an expert in the field, he often does not know what he needs most, so he explains his problems and what he thinks could help him, or his vision of a solution.

In the case of the image, it explains the need for a system attached to a tree where small tools could be put in.

How the project manager understands it

The project manager, who is often not a technical guy, generally understands the client's need but has had a different interpretation.

How the analyst conceptualizes

The analyst generally relies on the project manager, however, he respects the client's web or software need because until then objects can always be hung on the tree. On the other hand, it cuts part of the tree and to make the tree stand upright, it adds branches to it up to the ground.

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How the programmer writes the code

He also respects the customer's request, with the difference that he totally simplifies it. Yes, programmers are generally lazy and rightly opt for the simplest solutions.

How the business consultant describes the tools

He is the salesman and his job is to describe the tools in a marketing and business way. In fact here it is the Steve Jobs, starting from the fact that Steve Wozniack was the Tech genius behind Apple, it was a parenthesis and I'm not trying to take credit that Steve Jobs for his talents.

How the project is documented

Most technology projects are not documented. No one likes to depend on an individual or team for the future needs of the improvement or change project, so this documentation is very important for the teams that will take over.

What operation is set up

This is a total disaster, but nowadays with the agile method which is more and more used the teams are better coordinated. The tests, installations, configurations, and elements to make the project effective at that time no longer exist. At this level, the customer can no longer use the tree for his initial need

How the customer is invoiced

Yes, technological projects such as software, websites, web applications, mobile applications, e-commerce, desktop applications, etc. can cost several thousand dollars. The customer is therefore considerably billed and this is due to the different understandings but also to another secret point that you will share below.

What support or assistance is available

Some service providers work with clients for short-term objectives, or simply this may result in additional costs that the client is not willing to pay, especially when he or she is not satisfied with the final result.

A little advice, check the terms of your support agreement with your supplier.

What the client really needed

The customer wanted to be able to hang an object on the tree to insert small objects. The fact that he expressed by a board hung on a tree is his approach to solution, is true in theory but is not necessarily the most optimal.

While a hung tire will not only allow him to put his tools in the hollow of the tire, but also not to worry about it when the rope moves and to better protect his tools in question.

If you understand more about the issues of a good design process after this article, or if you want to add points or correct me, please put your comments, like and share this article.

Huh I forgot the revelation is that: in a technological project project project management often costs more than the development of the application itself.


You can't build a house without preparing a plan to build a solid foundation. In the same way, a website, web application or software in general must be planned.

You want to work with experts in the field who not only understand your needs, but also offer you different solutions in order to not only save you money but also to have the optimal application or software that really solves your problems.

If you need help with software development or web application development don't hesitate to contact our web development agency. We run the best custom web development agency in Montreal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- The definition of the objectives 2- The content 3- Site map and wireframe design 4- Detailed design of the model 5- Development (code) 6- Unit testing 7- Documentation 8- Production launch 9- Maintenance

Sidick Allaladé

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