Why do you need Google Ads?

Why do you need Google Ads ?

by Sidick Allaladé on 9/06/2022

Updated at 24/03/2023

You have seen them every day and yet it might surprise you how they show you tailored and customized ads. If you are playing an online game on your phone, these little devils pop up to direct your attention to another better game or sometimes not so famous one.

How is it done? Across the globe there are millions and billions of people who take help of web marketing agency experts that are engaged with these ads. Not just them, entrepreneurs also experiment with these ads. Quite frequently they appear on YouTube videos.

 They are sometimes more interesting than the actual video and you end up watching a new released song campaigned in the YouTube advertisement. Google and YouTube have strong connections and you can create a YouTube ad using Google Ad Sense, which is a program that is responsible for running these Google Ads.

It was something of common knowledge to quite a number of people. However it was just the tip of an iceberg. Google Ads has a system based on Google algorithm. This program is responsible for accurately describing information. That is not it. It says it derives better marketing campaigns which actually bring ROI. Return on investment.

Why do you need Google Ads?

Google describes its searching policy clearly with people. It uses recent history, current location and it directs the searching results tailored according to the needs of the individual.

Why should you market via Google Ads?

When my first customer asked me to run Facebook ads for his book store, I looked at him with a question.
Do you know if they result in on store traffic? 

He looked at the wall for half a minute and said

“I don’t know about this stuff, it is your talent to bring them to my shop.”

It didn’t end there. We spent an hour on estimating ROI, when he finally got convinced to give his project to my company head. 

I recommended him Google search ads and Google shopping ads. I created his Google business account. Not only the customers came to his shop, his sales increased 30% in two months. Some people who were trying to purchase a book found their book in shopping ads and ordered it online. 

This is how Google ads and Google business accounts are important. First it has a voice that reaches every ear and technology that makes this message clearer. However, if you are an entrepreneur and you are doing everything yourself, I would suggest taking consultation from a Web marketing agency before spending your money on any type of ads. If you need any consultation or guidance, keep following Montreal web marketing agency. It depends on the nature of the product and how it can be marketed and it requires some experience to bring return on investments ROI.
There are few objectives that anyone wants from marketing their product:

Sizeable increase in sales:

Some people want their sales size to increase in a week. Sometimes this magic wand works and people start pouring money and business grows. However, it is an art and marketing right customers take time to master. Google AdSense is easiest to learn but harder to bring results.

Increasing leads

Google Ads provides potential customers by showing them your advertisement. Google is linked to all internet users. It uses algorithms to bring potential customers to your product. It encourages people to take action and make purchases. One more thing, sometimes it depends on the product, I would suggest thinking about the nature of the product. Low involvement products tend to sell higher than high involvement products online. People can buy a phone online but a car would be bought if they physically visit your store.

Increase website visits/Physical visit

Once Google Ads start acting, people of similar interests would start landing on your website. If your product is a high involvement product, you need people to visit your store. Try to offer discounts online on store visits. Introduce online coupons in your online advertisements to encourage store visits.


Google Ads not only work for product advertisement. Instead, these ads provide multiple opportunities to understand your brand.

Data Analytics

Google Ads are known for their targeting. However all your marketing campaigns performing on all of your websites accounts can be analyzed from Google analytics performance measures?

Google Ads Campaign types

Search Ads:

Search Ads as name specifies relate to advertisement that appears when something is searched on Google partner sites. YouTube is for example a partner site of Google and in case you will search something on YouTube will show search Ads on YouTube as well. Common examples are ads that appear at the start of your search results on Google as well. We watch at least 100 advertisements per month and this is far less than reality. Montreal web marketing agency has a team of experts to bring your ecommerce website to be on the first page of Google. This is era of cut throat competition and one should use any help for their online business.

Display Ads:

These Ads are displayed on numerous sites and found in the right hand, over top and bottom of the website pages. It shows a picture with details of the advertisement. Display campaign grabs the attention of users on websites that would like to click on interesting advertisements. People also use it for random purchases. Imagine you are reading a cooking blog and you find an advertisement for a cooking book on display. Maybe you will click it and look out for what the content is saying. These display ads usually land you to a website, where you could find all the information of the product or service.

Video Ads:

Video Ads are the most common ads that you have encountered. These contain many types of transmission modes. YouTube channel streamed ads are one of those ads. They are skip-able ads and non-skippable ads. Using Google ads manager, you can stream your ads on YouTube. There will be a number of check markers available and you could direct your audience to your product. These would include actionable content. 

We need video ads to be heard, to educate about our product. It means you can actually communicate with people to visit your website, buy the newly launched product or a new song launch. These ads are essential for targeting people using YouTube channels. Relevance is one of the markers that could be set to run video ads on a certain content category channel. In the case of school DIY videos, the video ads of stationary could be added.

Shopping Ads:

Have you ever seen 1 liner detail with price, product images coming in the shopping tag of Google search? These are shopping Ads. These ads used to appear at the Google search results now they appear in a separate section: the shopping tab. The shopping ads campaign showcases your product inventory and an ecommerce page link. Mostly it lands on ecommerce websites. It assists you for buying by giving you a comparison between the products and prices.

App Ads:

These ads are simply found everywhere on mobile phones apps including YouTube, Search, and in Google play. It usually appears on any app you are using on a cell phone. App ads include pictures and a written copy. These ads could be in the form of static images, videos or animation. If you are playing a game and an advertisement of any other game runs, it is the app ad. It could be either relevant to the app or completely out of context. It depends on the Google set markers for targeting an audience for their advertisement. We do it for clients and they are very happy with the outcome. Check out our portfolio.

Specialized Campaigns:

Businesses that need marketing campaigns to target a specific audience should use specialized campaigns. It can target a specific locality to drive customers to visit stores, drive sales. It can be run for a certain period of time, when you are offering sales to drive customers.
Google ads help to meet targets. They have a major role in digital marketing and hence they are going to stay with us for a longer period due to their influence in online marketing.
There are 7 tips to optimize your Google Ads campaigns in 2022. If you follow these tips you can get better at marketing your product and websites online.

Sidick Allaladé

Sidick Allalade, is Chief Technology Officer at Oshara INC and co-founder of the Osortoo web application. He loves solving complex IT problems, coding and everything IT. He has a good knowledge of online marketing and IT Governance, Audit and Security.
His experience spans hundreds of projects with companies of all sizes which makes him a valuable asset on any team.

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