Why Construction Companies Should Embrace Technology

Why Construction Companies Should Embrace Technology

by Joe Shara on 21/12/2018

Updated at 1/02/2023

Over the past few years, construction sectors has been revolutionized by the invention of new technology. This has helped industries to become more efficient in their operation. Some of the newly introduced technology is the CRM and BMI software. The United Kingdom describes BIM (Building information modeling software as a “game changer.” Building information modeling consists of a series of coordinated processes that work together to realize efficient building of infrastructures. The software has been incorporated with aspects such as design, creating and planning that help the engineers throughout the project life. I know this might sound complicated to you, however, the reality of such technology will unfold into your mind as you go through this article. The following are reasons that explain why construction industries should engage the use of technology.

Modernizing the Industry

In the year two thousand and eleven the government laid down the plans aimed at transforming the construction sectors. The plans were instated to enhance the efficiency of the construction working at all levels of the construction. The government wants all the companies in the United Kingdom to implement this strategy by the end of 2016. This is where Building Information Modeling comes in. The software has been craftily designed to revolutionize and modernize construction industry from the original aspect or concept of building to the new swing of building lifestyle known as planning the future. The software helps the contractors to see the 3D dimension of the building. By using 3D design, the contractor can foresee the problem associated with the building and solve them beforehand. The information outlined in this article about the future of BIM and CRM in construction is limited. You can follow my articles to get more information on the future of technology in building and construction.

Planning Ahead Efficiently

Building Information Modelling software helps engineers and contractors to plan their future construction projects. This technology helps contractors to draw construction strategies as well as to understand the exact point of the project. This helps in avoiding time wastage and improving manageability of the construction projects. The technology ensures that every construction strategy is set up to date and it runs at the expected time. In the construction industries, you find that most of the activities occur concurrently. To ensure the more efficient flow of work, the constructor requires software that can enhance communication between different working parties. Building Information Modeling technology creates an efficient communication protocol that helps to avoid potential problems that might crop out due to poor communication.

A Perfect Fit

With BIM, every aspect of the construction is designed digitally. Therefore, any problems or issues surrounding the construction can be detected and eliminated beforehand. This implies that the construction company will rarely make unexpected losses as everything is expected to fall into place when the right time comes. This reduces operating cost and saves on time- there is no need for redesigning. Another importance of using 3D designing technology in construction is that it reduces wastage of construction materials as the constructor orders precisely what is needed.

Improves Site Security

Another importance of using modern technology in construction is that it allows engineers and constructors to assess the safety of the building site throughout the construction period. This is very important in managing and reducing theft of construction materials. Building Information Modeling software uses 3D technology which allows everybody involved in the construction to monitor the progress of the construction. This implies that the potential danger can be foreseen and solved before it occurs. This is quite important in reducing safety breach and health risks at the construction site.

Quick Delivery of Project

By prior planning of the construction projects, it saves on time and helps the construction projects click or bang on the stipulated schedules. Any software that helps to hasten the progress of construction projects is going to suit most businesses. Of course, when it comes to constructors and improved efficiency in the running of construction projects means more money. As mentioned Building Information Modeling software is a beautiful software that ensures efficiency and coordinated project progress. In other words, the technology can help you in the spotting of a potential problem. This gives you an opportunity to iron out all the possible problems in the construction plan before they happen. Most construction issues can be flagged during the initial stages of designing — this help to eradicate possible problems that may occur during the actual construction.

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Ways Through Which Digital Technology is Changing Construction Industry

Digital designing and construction are no longer a mare aspect or concept in construction anymore. Today, constructors are using advanced technology in construction for better productivity, efficiency and slash construction cost. Moreover, most of the constructors use digital technology to cut the cost of controlling their projects. On March a Pix4D was launched. This marked one of the largest gatherings of engineers and other construction professions — for example, the importance of using drones for 3D photogrammetry and mapping in the construction industry and can hardly be overlooked.

Enhanced Productivity

Technology is another essential tool that organizations can use to enhance their productivity. This technology allows the organization and its employees to perform actions that work together to support the business. This gives the business an upper hand in the competitive market.

Better Customers Relations

The invention of new construction technology has made it possible for organizations to have direct interaction with social media. This helps in the building of positive image of your company hence helping your business to stand out in the market. The building of positive image happens similarly that personal branding happens to ensure significant time effective and cost-effective.

More Insight

When you have a clear understating of the technology, you can view the world and situations in different dimensions. The insight can be gathered from social media, sales figure and having a cross look to understand how clients visit and view your products in your websites. By using these unique insights and features, you can redirect your business process to suit your marketing strategies. This will result in more sales, more customers and rise in your business progress.

Work Smarter

Another advantage of using technology in the business is that it allows you to be smarter instead of working harder. Business people can use technology in establishing and managing new contracts. For example, Oshara Construction management software development allow construction engineers to manage construction projects better. Our custom software development service enables the engineers to keep the documents and files together in order to manage the project workflow closely.

Cutting Cost

Technology helps the business people standardize the working process. This helps you to minimize the operation cost by eliminating possible errors from the system. Technology helps you to reduce training cost and another preliminary cost. When you reduce your operation cost, you make more profit. This enables you to use your funds in branding your company.

Even though there is an increase in the advancement of technology, many companies are conducting their businesses in old ways that they used to conduct their businesses before the invention of new technologies. Businesses need to adopt the new technology which confers many benefits into the market. In the year 2017, KPMG conducted a survey that noted that even though seventy-two percent of construction engineers are aware of the new technologies, less than a half of this number have a clear understanding on the use of such technology.

Also, only five percent of the participants considered themselves on the first line of embracing this technological advancement. Majority of the respondent noted that they were construction industry followers and not leaders.

What this research implies is that the majority of the construction engineers are aware of the significance of using new technology in construction industry even though they seldom engage in the use of such technologies. Most of the construction engineers have not taken any step in ensuring that such technology becomes a reality into their business.

Commonly, resistance is a vice in most human. In essence resistance to changes is human nature; More dipping and trending feet into unknown waters is always a complicated gamble. That said and done, the construction industry has got more to gain than to lose by adopting modern technologies. For example, if you were engaged in such a survey, you would say that your company was leading the overdue transformation of the construction industry or your company is paying essential eye on the new coming technological advancement.

Reduced Onsite Accidents

Naturally, the construction industry is one of the dangerous fields. Therefore, constructors need to take extra caution on any aspect of the business. This is because the business revolves around heavy equipment, intense physical labor and unhealthy materials such as cement and paints. Besides, construction is often besotting with unpredictable weather conditions. It is good to minimize risks where possible. This can only be facilitated by the use of new technologies that can point out dangers before the danger occurs. The good news is that there is a technology that is helping the construction organization to become less dangerous in their operations.

For example, when drones are used correctly, they can complete a dangerous task in the construction industry. Drones are used to survey and to record data from dangerous places that contractors cannot scout. Such places include the unexplored areas that can’t be navigated easily. Drones enable project supervisors to oversee projects in real-time this enables efficient surveillance.

Another remarkable technology that has played a significant role in improving the safety of the construction industry is through the use of wearables. These are small smart devices that are attached to the worker’s protective gears such as helmet glasses, boots, vests. These wearable devices can help in tracking physical locations, environmental factors, and biometrics.

This wearable is usefully in alerting the workers when they are in potentially dangerous places. In case there is a potential danger in the construction site, the device alerts the worker. If a worker falls off from a building site or suffers a severe injury, a supervisor can locate him using these wearable devices. Some wearables are advanced such that they allow the worker to press the alert alarm from them. This is important in reducing workplace injuries as well as to streamline potential crisis management.

Organized Projects

Use of technology is changing the way construction companies oversee the progress of the construction projects. Technology contributes positively to the scheduling, project budgeting and keeping updated reports of the projects.

Project management information systems (PMIS) are software which is designed to input and integrate all the aspects of the construction into a standard, tranquil location. This makes it easier for construction managers to oversee the progress of the project. According to a survey conducted by KPMG, eight percent of the respondents noted that they use PMIS software in real-time. Although implementing PMIS is not financially feasible for start-up businesses, the benefit of the software is quite rewarding.


In conclusion, there is much importance that is associated with the use of new technology in the construction industry. Our company offers you the best software regarding price, quality, and efficiencies of the project. In our company, we endeavor to give our customers the best that they can get from the market. We ensure that you get what you pay for. Our core business is to paste a smile on your face, for more information about our business software please contact us.

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1. Poor planning 2. Delayed deliveries 3. Accidents 4. Human error 5. Administrative problems 6. Lack of manpower 7. Material theft

Building data modeling software is software that ensures efficiency and coordinated project progress. It gives you the opportunity to iron out any possible problems in the construction plan before they occur. When it comes to builders, more efficiency in managing construction projects means more money.

Construction industries have been revolutionized by the invention of new technologies. This has helped industries become more efficient in their operations. Some of the newly introduced technologies include CRM and BMI (Building information modeling) software.

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