Which web solutions to choose for your website?

Which E-commerce solutions to choose?

by Sidick Allaladé on 7/07/2020 |

You would like to create an online store, but you don't know where to start? Or you can't decide which e-commerce solution is best for you?

First, it is important to define what is e-commerce so that it is clear to everyone. It consists of the monetary exchange of goods, services, or information through computer networks, including the Internet, which is now developing rapidly. Your e-commerce site is therefore almost essential today when you are a company that wants to sell its service, or other.

You must choose an e-commerce solution. Your e-commerce site will be the result of several solutions.

Know that each solution for the creation of your online store has its advantages and disadvantages.

It is therefore the most important step in the creation of your e-commerce website.

There are 2 main categories of web solutions for your e-commerce site.

  1. The centralized non-hosted solutions
  2. Hosted solutions 

The non-hosted solutions

With these solutions, you will certainly have monthly fees to pay as long as you want your e-commerce website to be online.

Here are some examples of these solutions.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that works as a SaaS (Software as a Service). This means that you don't have to install anything on your computer to use it since the platform is in the cloud.


Wix is an online platform that allows you to create websites in HTML5.


Squarespace is a web content management software that runs in SaaS mode, an integrated website builder, a blogging platform, a hosting service, an online commerce platform and a domain name registrar.


Weebly makes it easy to create and manage websites, blogs, online stores and more using a drag and drop system.


Jimdo is a web content management system that allows you to create a website, a blog, an e-commerce site without any prior knowledge in development.

And many more...


The principle of all these web e-commerce solutions is the same.

They allow you to create an online store easily. Indeed, by opting for such solutions, you don't need to be a developer to create your online store, and it can be done in minutes. With just a few clicks and inputs, your online business will be created.

Templates are provided, as well as a visual editor that allows you to customize your site using the features of this editor, often referred to as WYSIWYG builder.

WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get. So, what you see on your screen is what you get in reality. WYSIWYG is not an e-commerce web solution but simply a web content editor.

The main drawback of these non-hosted web solutions is their extensibility in detail. In the sense that if you want to add functionality to them, you will need to have the functionality enabled by the solution you choose.

Note that each of the above examples has its advantages and disadvantages based on its different features.

Think of these solutions as intermediaries, because you are paying for a tool that allows you to create an e-commerce site, you are not paying for an e-commerce site.

This is not a problem, the question to ask here is simple:

Does the amount paid monthly to use the tool easily pay for itself after one month of sales?

In any case if you are selling online and everything is going well the answer should be yes,

Do the templates (e-commerce templates) offered by its e-commerce solutions suit you?

They generally have very nice themes for online stores.

Would you like to add specific things that you cannot, due to a lack of modules to do so example?

For a small business certainly the necessary is there.

Would you rather pay continuously for life and not be totally independent and in control?

Because yes it happens that these big tech players also break down, and of course it affects you too.

 A hosted solution

A hosted solution is simply an e-commerce site that you must host on the web yourself.

Web hosting consists of keeping a computer (called a server) on 24 hours a day with your website on it.

Among these solutions, you can opt for a custom e-commerce site, or an e-commerce site based on a template

Custom e-commerce site

Here you develop your online business based on a template designed especially for you.

With this method you design your website down to the finest details, so to the pixel. Its main advantage is its flexibility and modularity.

Since you are the owner of your web code, you can add and extract features as you wish.

Its main disadvantage is the cost. You will need the help of a web developer or a siteweb agency.

E-commerce site based on a template

This solution is similar to the previous one. The only difference is that you start from an existing template.

Its main advantage is that you own the code of your website, and if you are a developer, this will make your site easier and more extensible, as you can add your own code.

Its main disadvantage is that you sometimes have surprises after the installation of your templates which can sometimes take longer than expected to set up.

Here is an example of the difference between a custom solution and a template solution.

You want to buy a house, and you have 2 choices:

  • Buy a home built from scratch
  • Buy an empty lot, hire an architect for a plan, contractors, materials etc...

Example 1 illustrates the creation of an online store using a template, while example 2 illustrates the creation of a custom online store.


A non-hosted solution requires a choice among existing solutions on the market and you must be comfortable with lifetime fees for the life of your e-commerce site. Also, depending on your needs you may be limited, so make sure you choose a solution that suits you.

A hosted solution is a solution that makes you the owner of the code of your e-commerce site and you only pay an annual hosting fee to your provider.

What happens next?

Now that your solution is chosen according to your needs, you must now integrate your products and other details (taxes, shipping costs, etc.) Test your payment method as a visitor to your online store if everything works as you want. If not, make the necessary changes until you are comfortable launching your online store to the general public.

What to do when your business is online?

Yes, your site is online but if no one knows about it, it will be difficult for you to sell, so goodbye profitability.

This is certainly not what you are looking for, and neither are we. Because we remind you, our goal is to help you in your professional tasks, as diverse as they are.

You need a good online marketing strategy to get people to discover your store and your products. This is done through paid advertising (PPE) or Price Per Click, which is very common for online stores. Indeed, paid advertising also called paid referencing or sponsored referencing implies to pay money to appear in the first search results on search engines. The advertising of your e-business site can also be done on social networks. This way, you will quickly gain visibility and you will quickly get new customers. Generally, advertising costs are per click (CPC), per acquisition (CPA) and per thousand impressions (CPM).

Besides advertising your online business, you must take care of your SEO. It is a set of elements that increases the visibility of your online store by improving its positioning in search engines. The SEO will allow you to better position yourself on search engines in the long term, unlike advertising which is done over a short period of time.

Since this is a job that requires a lot of knowledge and money, we invite you to request a free consultation with our Montreal based SEO web agency and make one (01) stop for your web and digital marketing needs.

Our team of developers will assist you in creating a custom online store based on templates. We can also assist you in setting up your online store with non-hosted solutions:

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If you have any questions or additions to this article, your comments are welcome below.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of them but the most famous are: Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Jimdo.

Oshara offers you a free complete analysis for the creation of your website. Contact us today.

A hosted solution is a solution that makes you the owner of the code of your e-commerce site and you only pay an annual hosting fee to your provider.

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