What is a semantic cocoon and why is it essential for good seo in 2022?

What is a semantic cocoon and why is it essential for good seo in 2022?

by Nicolas Chevillard on 16/05/2022

Updated at 7/02/2023

Today, for good SEO, it is no longer enough to repeat a keyword as much as possible, you have to provide daily work in order to be able to stay in the top positions of search results on Google and search engines online. Although it is necessary to constantly update and optimize its contents, this is not the only important element. In terms of SEO and as our marketing agency often explains to clients, it is absolutely necessary to have an organized and coherent structure on your website in order to obtain more traffic. This is why the Semantic Cocoon method is essential for good SEO referencing in 2022. 

Did you know that since the arrival of the Hummingbird algorithm in 2013, Google has sought to better understand and interpret the queries it receives as a human being would, its ultimate goal being to succeed in offering its users the best contents as results. To achieve this, it is now based on the rich semantic fields associated with keywords.

In this article, I will try to simplify for you this concept that is the semantic cocoon in SEO, why it is essential and how its good use can allow you to improve the web referencing of your website in order to increase your visits, get more leads and increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce site , customers and possibly improve your results.


What is a semantic cocoon? 

The semantic cocoon is an internal mesh structure in SEO referencing which was created by the famous consultant and expert in SEO referencing, Laurent Bourrelly . The semantic cocoon in the field of web marketing and more specifically SEO is a technique of architecture of the tree structure of a website. This technique aims to minimize inconsistent links on a site as much as possible since they harm the good referencing of the website.

The objective of the semantic cocoon, as illustrated in the image below, is to link a set of pages with the same theme to each other, while using a logic of target pages and child pages:

semantic cocoon linking

Diagram of the page tree with an SEO semantic cocoon. ref: Twaino

For a successful SEO referencing, the semantic cocoon would therefore describe a tree structure and website creation strategy which revolves around 4 main stages which are as follows:

  1. A clear definition of the requests targeted, and classified according to the needs of the Internet user.
  2. An implementation of a tree structure in silos based on the requests of Internet users.
  3. The creation of internal links between the parent, daughter and sister pages.
  4. The optimization of each page of the website, whether in terms of tags, text content and link semantics.

What is the concept of link juice in SEO?

What is meant by link juice in SEO, or link juice in English? 

In theory, it refers to all the benefits that a web page transmits to another via a link.

In the context of SEO referencing, for example, it is used to transfer part of the popularity from one page to another. This is why when a page receives a link from another page that has significant notoriety in the eyes of Google, it benefits from part of its link juice. 

The page that benefits from it then gains credibility and can see its positioning improve in the search results on the Internet. Most of the time, it's the amount of SEO juice a page gets that determines its ranking online. 

Link juice can also be redistributed after it has been received. This means that a site can make links to other pages or domains in order to transfer to them some of the juice it has itself obtained from other sites: 

semantic cocoon seo juice

Diagram of the distribution of the different SEO juices of each web page. Ref: Semjuice

Why is a semantic cocoon essential for good SEO in 2022? 

In terms of online referencing (or SEO), the semantic cocoon is now used in almost all web agencies and marketing agencies specializing in SEO. This is a formidable method for good online referencing, because the semantic cocoon allows a clear improvement in the positioning of a website in search engines.

The semantic cocoon enables strategic keyword targeting 

The semantic cocoon or silo structure makes it possible to obtain incredible results in SEO referencing. Moreover, the major interest of this technique in SEO, is to succeed in setting up such a structure which aims to target a set of strategic keywords by creating numerous web pages. 

Since without pages and without keywords, it is difficult, if not impossible, to rise in position in the search engines. Hence, a successful integration of the semantic cocoon taking into account strategic keywords will improve the SEO referencing of your website. and your first page positioning on Google and online.

The semantic cocoon leads to improvements in the performance of a website 

This SEO referencing technique will considerably improve the performance of a website on search engines, since the purpose of this technique is to link content between them on the basis of a similarity of keywords in the same semantic field and therefore, to attract much more traffic thanks to a greater semantic richness implemented on the website.

audit seo cocoon

The semantic cocoon is placed on keywords of the same semantic field

Suppose, for example, you want to position yourself on the query for the keyword "Montreal marketing agency", your content will have to send and receive internal links to other quality content that deals with topics related to marketing agencies in general and more precisely a marketing agency in montreal. This content could also come from the same theme, speaking of “inbound marketing”, “marketing strategy”,  “ marketing automation ” or even “ SEO audit ”. 

In practice, if you have followed and integrated this important concept in SEO referencing that we have just talked about, the indexing robots will certainly see your page as relevant content and well provided in terms of external information for your readers, and will index the latter so that it appears in the first search results when Internet users submit their queries on Google. 

But be careful, before even getting there, it is above all imperative to work on the keyword strategy of the theme down to the deepest page. Since to harm the result, it suffices that a single expression is not in the same semantics as the other contents. This would create a risk of creating links with different cocoons, whereas it is advisable to keep a cocoon with as much “tightness” as possible.

semantic cocoon seo linking

Diagram of keywords with the same semantics, in an SEO semantic cocoon. Ref: Twaino

The semantic cocoon facilitates navigation on a website 

Another advantage of semantic cocoon in terms of SEO referencing is the fluidity of navigation that it will bring within a website. Indeed, one of its assets is to put the Internet user within an SEO strategy by offering quality content that is accessible in just a few clicks. This will therefore be beneficial for their experience on the website.


In 2022 and more than ever, search intent has become the priority and it must be understood that a simple optimization plan focused only on keywords is less and less effective. This is why the semantic cocoon is today an essential technique for successful SEO and getting to the first pages in search engines like Google, which is at the top of the pack, but that's a story for another time. 

If you want to know more about the subject or want to improve your positioning on the Internet with SEO referencing, do not hesitate to consult this service page or simply contact us for a free consultation and personalized support for your needs and your budget . 

We are a marketing agency specializing in SEO and we have been helping entrepreneurs and companies for more than 10 years to succeed in their digital transformation and move to the 1st page of online search results. 

While waiting for the next column, we have prepared a checklist for you to succeed in the SEO web referencing of your website yourself. Download it and if you have any questions, give us a call

See you soon 

Nicolas Chevillard

Nicolas is a marketing assistant for Oshara Inc. He is passionate about digital and loves creating content on the theme of marketing and technology to teach you more!

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