What content should be included in the design of your website?

by Christian Bagnimbo on 24/05/2021 |

Updated at 29/07/2021

Have you decided to create a website for your business? Do you plan on opening up to the world with a website? If so, you've made a very good decision. Once you've made that decision, you'll need to plan several things to make your website design easier. These are the essential contents for your website. In this article, Oshara will give you a complete list of content to prepare for your website design.

Content to prepare:

- Logo

The logo represents your brand or company. It is a mean of identification and communication that is essential to any company because it allows you to stand out from the competition. It is therefore very important to make it appear on your website.

- Favicon

Favicons are small square images, usually 16×16 pixels, which are used by web browsers to display a graphic representation of the visited site on the left side of the browser address bar. You have probably seen many favicons before on tabs, even if you don't know what they are.

Favicon site internet

- Graphic Charter (your color codes, color rules if you have them, fonts, and their files if you have them, etc)

The central element of a graphic charter is the logo (logos symbols, typographic logos, and mixed logos), it is found on all communication media of the company, it is from the logo that we build a visual identity.

- Quality visual content (Photo, and/or Video)

The visual content (Photo, and/or Video) is an integral part of the design. For example, the e-boutiques that work are essentially based on this observation. It is the photos or videos that make the design. Only the addition of beautiful banners gives the atmosphere of the site or the season.

- The menu

The menu is essential for your website, it allows the visitor to navigate on the site. It allows a good navigation on the site and a clear understanding of its organization.

Menu site internet

- Targeted textual content for each page of your site

You should write original text (no duplicate content), optimized for SEO, attractive and oriented on relevant keywords is an obligation. This content should be adapted to your target and meet their expectations. Put yourself in your readers' shoes: what do they want to learn on your website? In what form? With what type of vocabulary?

Tip: Put the content of each page of the site in a separate file. Example: your file named "Home" would only include the content that is supposed to go on the home page.

- Testimonials from your customers

If you have testimonials from satisfied customers. Whether it's in writing or in the form of a comment or video, it's a very effective persuasion tool.

Témoignage oshara

- URL links to your social networks

You know the benefits that social networks can bring you. It is therefore essential to provide links to your own social media and tools to facilitate the sharing of your content.

- Logo of partners and/or customers to display

- Contact form information

What information do you want to ask the customer to get in touch with you?

(Ex: Name, First name, Email, Address, Tel, etc).

- Your company address

- Your phone number

- Your email address

All these elements are essential for your website because they give the user a clear idea of your company but also all the information he needs. Do not hesitate to entrust the creation of your website to Oshara. We are one of the best web agencies in Montreal. We have all the expertise you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Favicons are small square images, usually 16×16 pixels, that are used by web browsers to display a graphic representation of the website on the left side of the tab.

It is essential to put your partners or portfolio, a menu, images, logo, favicon, graphic charter, your reviews, your social networks, your contact.

Put a space for your services or products, a home, a presentation of your company, perhaps a blog and/or a portfolio, your contacts, resources.

Christian Bagnimbo

Christian is a project manager for Oshara. A true geek, he loves to share his passion for digital technology and everything that goes with it

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